10 Questions With Masterchef Contestant And Cookbook Author Hayden Quinn

10 Questions With Hayden Quinn
Hayden Quinn was poised for greatness from the moment he appeared on your television screen in the third series of Masterchef Australia. The bleached wind blown hair, baseball cap and sweet surfer dude attitude was no gimmick. It was who he was. It is who he is. A genuine guy with a tremendous passion for food and travel. With a degree in Marine Biology, this Sydney-sider is never too far away from the sea whether he is on lifeguard duty or cooking a gorgeous platter of seafood. 
After wowing the audience on Masterchef Australia, Hayden went on to write two ebooks in the Hayden Cooks series with a third one due out next year along with print versions of the cookbooks. He appeared on Masterchef Allstars and has just finished filming a short cultural piece of his culinary and travel adventures in New York City called IN IT – NYC. It is a sexy little piece with great music and visuals. It follows Hayden and his friends as they explore the culinary delights the city has to offer from an underground eatery selling the best burger ever to a fantastic oyster bar to a pay-per-weight meatfest and some sophisticated Mexican food. Be sure to watch it!
I met Hayden a couple of months ago at the launch of the Masterchef Dining event. I always knew he was affable but it was his energy and passion for food that struck a chord. With so many guests and customary mingling on the menu he promised to chat later, a promise which he kept. We chatted about his books, about his food philosophy, about his travels and the amazing food experiences he has had. He mentioned how the food in the little cobbled streets and alleyways of San Sebastian was the best he had ever had. His love for tapas is no secret. He was forthcoming and charming and well genuine.  We kept in touch and he agreed to answers some fun questions for my readers, I know we have some huge Hayden fans amongst us (including yours truly!). So read on to see what makes him tick, what fascinates him and what moves him.


Me – Your favourite thing about summer. 
HQ – For me, summer is the best time of year. I love it. It means time at the beach, time in the sun and best of all time spent outdoors sharing food, sharing a drink and sharing stories of fun travels during the winter months. 
Me – Five things in your trolley. 
HQ – Butter, mushrooms,chocolate, chili and ginger. I saw Billy mentioned Mie Goreng, haha this definitely makes an appearance in my trolley also (the lifeguards staple!)
Me – Latest food discovery. 
HQ – Crif Dogs! These are amazing. I came across these on a recent trip to NYC (see clip). I was at a block party in Bushwick, Brooklyn (at the back of the Michelin starred Roberta’s) and we were having a few beers, listening to some wicked music and my buddy suggested we hit up some of the food stalls (all were amazing) but we first went for the crif dog, basically what they were serving was a deep fried hot dog, wrapped in bacon, with avocado and sour cream with a little american mustard, I have shared the recipe here
Me – If you had to write direct and act out a food based movie, what would it be about and what would you call it? 
HQ – It would be a tale of a man stuck in the wilderness learning to hunt, prepare and cook wild game and veg. It would be "into the wild" esque. Just man, dog, a gun and a knife with some of the most amazing wilderness, lakes and vistas you could imagine. I think there would also be a romance in there somewhere also, maybe a heroine who comes to save / tame the wild hunter. haha what on earth would I call it? mmmm… "run for the hills" ???? haha I really dont know..  
Me – The most sublime food experience you have had. Where was it? 
HQ – I was in India a couple of months ago and that whole thing was sublime!!!!! so so amazing, I can not wait to get back! 
Me – Why would we invite you to a barbecue? What would you bring? 
HQ – Because I would suprise all your guest who think they have me figured out ; )  haha I think I would bring my salmon with yuzu and white soy, especially as summer is on its way!
Me – The best and worst part of being a celebrity. 
HQ – I guess the best part is the amazing people I get to meet through all my little adventures, it is also great to be able to share a bit of myself with people, whether it be through my food, my travels or my love of being active. To one day be able to really impact peoples lives for the better is a real dream of mine. Worst part, well most of it is pretty good. Worst would maybe be interruptions at family dinner. 
Me – Favourite ice cream flavour and least favourite vegetable.
HQ – My honeycomb icecream from Hayden Cooks Summer! SO so good.. 
Me – Last meal. 
HQ – As in the meal I would eat if I was to drop off the perch or the last one I ate??? haha well my last meal chronologically was home made parfait with cornichions.  
Me – One piece of food wisdom for the masses. 
HQ – The recipe is a guide, not a structured set of rules!! Enjoy your food and make it your own.  

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