Year: 2009

Summer Peach And Lemon Jam

Summer in Australia is a stone fruit lover's dream. Markets abound with peaches, plums, apricots and mangoes, sold in trays of luscious golden, sun-kissed goodness. We are big fruit eaters in this house and there is always plenty to eat and blend or bake. When we found ourselves drowning in a huge tray of over 45 beautiful peaches, I decided it was time to jam, quite literally. This was the first jam I ever made and also the first 'Weekend ... Read More >>
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8-Minute Microwave Mango And Saffron Fudge

I am slowly and laboriously undertaking the task of transfering over 300 recipes from my site to the blog. The 300 recipes were cooked, tried and tested over a period of 3 years. I have realized that it is getting increasingly hard to maintain my recipes on two different platforms. My wordpress blog wins even though Nick made a fantastic system of recipe filing and tags on the website. I hope to bring some of that wonderful functionality to thi... Read More >>
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Strawberry Jam Cupcakes

I have made strawberry cupcakes with fresh strawberries in the past and there is a very delicate quality about their texture and taste. This is the first time I have made cupcakes with fresh, organic strawberry jam and only word comes to mind, "childhood". For some reason, these cupcakes took me back to when I was little and used to often stick my fingers in the jam jar, unabashedly smearing it on my face as I licked the sweet, cheeky... Read More >>
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Pan Fried Potato And Weisswurst Warm Salad

  It is not everyday that your local fruit and vegetable shop has an oversupply of one of your favorite ingredients to cook with. This weekend I drove my family to the local fruit shop for the very first time and we managed to get a bag of baby potatoes with skin so smooth and ochre for just 99 cents. On the drive back home I was thinking of how I was going to cook them and I decided on a warm salad. I wanted the skin on on these little bab... Read More >>

Potato Olive And Sun Dried Tomato Bread

  I have been baking breakfast breads for a while now and they are all sweet, invariably. So this time around I decided to bake a brunch bread instead and make it really savory. After scouring several of my books, I settled for this recipe from Australian Women's Weekly "Potato" cookbook. I love the olive and sun-dried combination so much, the slight zing of the olives is so perfectly balanced by the chewy sweetness of the sun-rip... Read More >>
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Vanilla And Almond Berry Cake

  It seems like forever since I did a food post. To say I have been busy, is an understatement. But I haven't been starving myself and my family. I assure you that I have been concocting delightful things in the kitchen even though I am mostly absent on this blog. I was recently interviewed on a website called Iconshock and I thought that some of you would probably like to know a bit more about me, so here is the link to the interview. It i... Read More >>