March 2009

Month: March 2009

Gourmet Carrot Cookies

  With Easter around the corner, all things carrot and eggs and bunnies and chickens are popping up plenty. I usually bake a nice carrot cake around this time of the year with all the trimmings, plenty to share with friends and family. This year though, I wanted something different. I was thinking cookies and I was thinking gourmet. So I decided to bake some beautiful carrot cookies. The challenge was making them super healthy, taste ab... Read More >>
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5 Quick Healthy Meal Ideas in under 10 minutes

In the past couple of years as work pressure and family obligations have become more and more demanding, I have started looking for healthier and quicker meal options. The quest for longer sustainability and less time spent in the kitchen has become a constant amongst urban families. The concept of simple ingredients used in a creative manner to create healthy dishes real fast is also being widely promoted by celebrity chefs in a bid to discourag... Read More >>
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Choc Chip And Peanut Butter Shortbread Stars

I found a recipe for this gorgeous shortbread in a dog-eared 2006 food magazine. Staying true to my fiddly nature, I did tweak this recipe a bit and ended up with a version of the shortbread that would appeal to peanut butter cookie lovers and pure shortbread enthusiasts alike. I wasn't expecting the dough to churn out a never ending supply of the little stars , so be prepared to bake in batches. I baked them in three batches and still have... Read More >>