August 2009

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A Foodie Chat With Lorraine From Not Quite Nigella

I discovered Lorraine's blog Not Quite Nigella last year. I remember that day, when I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat for a few hours on and off poring through all her posts. It is always exciting when you come across a great blog that has been around for a while, but you only just discovered it. There is so much won... Read More >>
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NTTC July 2009 Egg Recipe Winner Is..

I am a little late in compiling the roundup for NTTC July 2009, I finally succumbed to the flu after 3 years of being fit as a fiddle and going through one amazing pregnancy, I was finally bitten by the bug and it hit hard, so hard that Nick had to take time off from work because I was barely able to open my eyes. A ... Read More >>
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10 Questions With Teanna DiMicco Of Spork Or Foon

Last but not the least in our nominated via Twitter food-bloggers to be interviewed on this blog is the lovely Teanna DiMicco. With a witty, tongue twister of a blog name "Spork Or Foon", Teanna immediately piques your curiosity and you wonder what must go through that brilliant mind of hers. Well, there is... Read More >>