Year: 2009

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White Chocolate And Coconut Slow Baked Mudcake

I was cleaning up the pantry and guess what I found in abundance? White cooking chocolate, 4 huge slabs of it leftover from my little one's birthday party earlier this year. I turned to my trusted copy of Donna Hay's Chocolate cookbook, remembering that although it was full of brown goodness, there were a few really good white chocolate recipes. I came across a recipe for white chocolate mudcake. It sounded great, so I decided to make it right ... Read More >>
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Deliciously Moist Healthy Wholemeal Banana Maple Bread

  You have been forewarned. There are no delicious, crumbly, nut-flecked pictures of banana bread in this post. Continue reading at your own risk. Sorry about that little bit of melodrama, I just felt like it. I was not going to post this recipe simply because I baked it late in the evening and believe it or not, none of it was left next morning when the light was good and I could've gotten gorgeous shots of the bread. But the recipe was t... Read More >>
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Baked Ricotta Cashewnut And Cardamom Cupcakes

  I have been entertaining the idea of experimenting with an unusual blend of ingredients for a light cupcake sans frosting. Yesterday, I took the idea to paper, scribbling an ingredient list and mentally adjusting the amounts. Once I was happy with the way it appeared on paper, it was time to experiment in the kitchen. I have not used egg in this recipe which plays mainly on textures. The texture is crumbly and chewy in parts because of th... Read More >>
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Fudgy Peanut Butter And Candy Cookies

  I have been guilty of not replenishing my dwindling stock of homemade cookies recently. The mid-week leisure baking sessions of a few months ago have turned into end-of-the-day chaos with time only to prepare main course and accomplish the task of filling bellies of a few hungry boys. When time is so scarce and I am sure you will relate to that, dessert and that occasional sweet snack always sits on the back burner. When my 5-year old exp... Read More >>
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Stuffed Green Bell Peppers

Green bell peppers or capsicums are delightfully sweet and crunchy in season. Even their seeds are very mild flavored and not at all spicy. That makes these little green beauties absolutely perfect for stuffing and cooking whole. The recipe that I share with you today can be as fancy as you want it to be or really simple, drawing on the natural flavors of the vegetables. I am doing a simple potato stuffed version today which I usually just bake... Read More >>
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Chocolate And Date Fudge Brownies

  These days everyone wants Bill Granger in their kitchen proclaims Sydney morning Herald. And I don't blame them. This widely known Aussie chef has grown and matured into this masterful writer and creator of recipes that are starting to look healthier, wholesome and very interesting over the years. Bill learnt to cook at home in a dometic environment and hence his take on recipes is homemade indeed. The food he writes about is everyday stu... Read More >>