May 2010

Month: May 2010

Hyderbadi Chicken Biryani With A Modern Dum

  Baking is an exact science. Indian Cooking is not. One of the most forgiving styles of cooking , Indian cooking is kind to the cook and takes on as many beautiful and delicious variations as there are cooks. The versatility of spices is truly exploited in Indian cooking and I say that in a good way. And what better case study to present on this topic than to talk about a true classic "Murgh Biryani", "Chicken Biryani&... Read More >>

Dutch Pancakes aka Poffertjes

I had my first taste of the scrumptiously delicious 'Poffertjes' at the St. Ives Heritage Fair in Sydney. There were heaps of fruits and toppings to choose from, we chose fresh strawberries with whipped cream and chocolate sauce and were instantly hooked. The snaking line at the stall was too long and we were running late, or else we would've surely returned for a second helping. We figured that something so good needed to be made everyda... Read More >>

Vintage Fruit Labels And A Bistro Cheesecake

I have a dream. Some day I want to own a dear little bistro in a quiet little street lined with big old trees. I want this little place to be a haven for the locals, where they'll come to hang out for a bit over a cup of hot creamy coffee or share a bowl of fresh pasta or read a newspaper or just stare idly out of the huge bay windows that overlook onto the street where a car passes by every now and then. I'll address them all by their first na... Read More >>

Potato Bacon And Egg Grill Sandwich

I did a hearty and warm salad for dinner last night. No pasta and no rice, I thought to myself. I whipped up a hot pot of pumpkin and potato soup. Drawing inspiration from a Lyonnaise salad that I make quite often, I decided to make a warm version of it with some meat. I had a pack of bacon bits conveniently sitting in the fridge . We all enjoyed the warm salad and it was very more-ish indeed on that chilly evening along with a hot cup of coup.... Read More >>