January 2011

Month: January 2011

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Lavender Dream Biscuits

One evening a couple of months ago when it was still cool here in Sydney, continuing on my quest to explore Leila Lindholm's A Piece Of Cake some more, I decided to make the first thing that jumped out of the pages of the cookbook. As I flipped the pages the lavender biscuits caught my eye. I felt like doing purple. It might seem odd, but sometimes I feel like doing a specific colour while cooking or baking. Maybe it reflects my own state of m... Read More >>
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Blueberry Cream Cheese Butter Cake

At a party for Noodles who is my friend Esther's youngest, I had a blueberry cake that was utterly moist and delightful. Shame on me for not realizing the key ingredient that made it so different until someone mentioned it out loud. It was cream cheese. It was not dense like a cheesecake and not dry or crumbly like a regular cake. It was just perfect. You can imagine what googling "blueberry" and "cream cheese" would have... Read More >>