June 2011

Month: June 2011

My Big Fat Pecan And Sultana Cookie

  I love big cookies. The ones that you get at coffee shops and delis for $3-$4 a piece. Cookies that are meals in themselves. Cookies that make you feel really naughty because they are so big, they don't even fit in one hand while you hold your coffee cup with the other. This week I baked big fat pecan and sultana cookies and I felt like Lara Croft - Dangerous! My little boys took one look at the cookies and scampered off like skittish ... Read More >>

Rhubarb And Vanilla Jam

I once read somewhere that if not prepared properly, rhubarb can be poisonous. So I stayed clear of rhubarb for all of eternity, never giving it the benefit of doubt it deserved - a Google search. When we were returning from mandarin picking last weekend, we stopped at a roadside shack outside a farm with the standard money box and vegetables on display. I just couldn't resist the big bunch of fresh rhubarb with the dirt still sticking to the s... Read More >>

Traditional Rawa Khaman Dhokla – Steamed Savoury Indian Lentil Cake

If you have grown up in Mumbai, then you will remember the big fluffy yellow khaman dhoklas that were a staple in most street food takeaway places in the city in all its various suburbs. Khaman Dhokla is a steamed  savoury lentil cake topped with fresh coriander and grated coconut. It is a very popular snack in India's west and originates in the western state of Gujarat. Served with a green chutney and fried, salted green chilies, kha... Read More >>

Chasseur Cast Iron French Oven Reviewed – Chicken And Olive Casserole

After buying a Cuisinart casserole a few months ago and cooking casseroles and stews lost in the dusty binder of recipes that I stopped cooking because of a lack of proper pot, I decided to take up my kitchen shenanigans by a notch. It was time to welcome a French oven in our modest little kitchen. When autumn had overstayed its welcome and I knew our favourite cousin Winter was due for an appearance I started researching my cast iron cookware.... Read More >>

Childhood Chocolate Cake

  If you've had a childhood constant in your life that loved to cook and bake whether it was your mum, dad, granny, favourite aunt, matronly neighbour or the nice old man at the corner bakery; you would have had that special chocolate cake that was your absolute favourite. I had mine and then I grew up and what were simple joys of a young life untouched by adult responsibilities, disappeared. And so did my chocolate cake. Years passed whe... Read More >>

How To Do A Kids Cooking Party For 3 Year Olds

The hardest part about doing parties for children is deciding the theme. Once the theme is decided, everything else falls into place. I love my parties to be unique. I also love them to be loads of fun and yet educational to some extent. Kids are like sponges and they soak up any and all information you can throw at them. Earlier this year when Gummy Bear was turning a very wise and very adorable three, we decided to throw him a cooking party. ... Read More >>