November 2011

Month: November 2011

Raspberry Friands

Friands are based on financiers, the famous French pastry made with almond meal, powdered sugar and egg whites. With a delicate frangipane like texture and a crisp sweet flavour, friands are punctuated by the addition of fruits, chocolates and nuts as a topping. When I make ice cream, I make friands. It is a happy arrangement that works well for me. Ice cream needs egg yolk and friand needs egg white. Two delicious birds with one baking stone... Read More >>

Sticky Dark Chocolate Cake

  With the extremely early arrival of my Christmas present - the iPad 2, I now have even fewer hours in my day than I did before. After being enslaved to it for a good few hours on the first day and earning a splitting headache as a result, I decided to be more disciplined. I am good at that. Disciplining myself. A week later my life continues as usual, drama-free. The only headaches I have are from the hilarity that are my new pillows, s... Read More >>

Lemon Cake

  A plain lemon cake is a joy to eat fresh from the oven. It speaks summer like no other afternoon treat during hot days. Just like old fashioned lemonade it has the ability to lift your spirits and make the heat bearable as you have a cool, citrus, spongy slice sitting on a wooden deck for afternoon tea. I love to see big, fat and shiny lemons starting to do the rounds in market stalls as we head into thunderstorm season and the gradual ... Read More >>

Gula Melaka Syrup – Palm Sugar Syrup

  Some things in life are deviously simple. Devious, because they hide under the guise of something far more complex. Earlier this year, I had my first taste of and instantly became addicted to Cendol. Cendol is a traditional dessert in South East Asia and you will find heaps of variations in practically every street and home of Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. Although it can be quite complex in some eaterie... Read More >>

Tomato And Mustard Chutney

  I learnt to make this pungent, sweet, sour and totally zingy chutney from Nick many years ago. An absolute favourite in the houses along India's east coast, this version has been tweaked to suit a wider audience and palate. A great tomato chutney is the epitome of pub food accompaniments. With the right amount of tang, a tomato chutney lifts up the blandest of burgers and compliments the smokiest of sausages. For those who have rea... Read More >>

Brown Bread And Rum Ice Cream

  Brown Bread And Rum No Churn Ice Cream. Tell me you want it! Scream it to me! Because it is THAT good! It will make you feel like naughty and nice, you know? those two little things that pop on either side of your head, one an angel in white and the other a devil in red. Naughty because the rum has a full bodied tipsy flavour and nice because it doesn't matter whether you had a healthy breakfast. You are eating brown bread for dessert!!... Read More >>