November 2011

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Christmas Gift Guide For The Foodie 2011

Have you got your Christmas gits sorted out? If you have (like I have), you will have more time to slurp eggnog. If not, this list and many more awesome lists like this that I have prepared leading up to Christmas will be just the inspiration you need. There are some amazing products out there that appeal to the food... Read More >>

Raspberry Friands

  Friands are based on financiers, the famous French pastry made with almond meal, powdered sugar and egg whites. With a delicate frangipane like texture and a crisp sweet flavour, friands are punctuated by the addition of fruits, chocolates and nuts as a topping. When I make ice cream, I make friands. It is a ... Read More >>

Lemon Cake

  A plain lemon cake is a joy to eat fresh from the oven. It speaks summer like no other afternoon treat during hot days. Just like old fashioned lemonade it has the ability to lift your spirits and make the heat bearable as you have a cool, citrus, spongy slice sitting on a wooden deck for afternoon tea. I lov... Read More >>

Tomato And Mustard Chutney

  I learnt to make this pungent, sweet, sour and totally zingy chutney from Nick many years ago. An absolute favourite in the houses along India's east coast, this version has been tweaked to suit a wider audience and palate. A great tomato chutney is the epitome of pub food accompaniments. With the right ... Read More >>