Coffee Gingerbread Granola

One of the things I love about living in Australia is the fact that we celebrate Christmas in July like our friends in New Zealand and South Africa. July is the middle of winter and the coldest month of the year because we all know that seasons are opposite in the Southern hemisphere. So a whole lot of us decided to celebrate Christmas in July and called it Yulefest, because honestly it is a bit too hot in December to have mulled wine, hot roasts and puddings. And what good is a Christmas celebration if there is no Gingerbread involved? We are gingerbread fiends in this house (well, mostly me!) but the rest of the gang is catching up. When I found out that Nespresso was about to i... Read More >>
Slow Cooked Apple Tart Overnight Oats - Cook Republic

Slow Cooked Apple Tart Overnight Oats

I first discovered steel cut oats approximately 5 years ago. Following the instructions on the back of the pack, I cooked them for 30 minutes and it was love at first chewy bite. In fact, I loved them so much and was so obsessed with cooking them every morning that I even included a recipe for creamy, honeyed, steel cut oats in my cookbook. Then last night, I slow cooked them for 8 hours in my slow cooker and when I woke up to the smell of apple pie this cold, frosty morning, I felt a tingling in my tastebuds that I hadn't felt in a while. I was even ready to denounce my customary cup of coffee for the oats. When I eventually sat down to breakfast an hour later, I was blown away. Slow co... Read More >>
Barker's Blackcurrant Chia Nourish Shake - Cook Republic

Barker’s Blackcurrant Chia Nourish Shake

A cold front is moving across Australia this week bringing flurries of snow, bone chilling winds and much talk and excitement about the crazy weather. Because we needed something to talk about after tsk tsk-ing autumn’s no show just a month ago. It may be the perfect weather to shovel big spoonfuls of creamy hot porridge but winter chill and hot porridge is so passé, don’t you think? The cold ignites my sense of being, it makes me feel alive (and numb), but mostly alive. I feel the need to take a brisk walk in the sunshine, to do a languorous session of hot yoga, to put on a tune that refuses to vacate my head and sway to the beat till my cheeks are flushed. And after I have warme... Read More >>
Thai Red Curry Soup With Sweet Potato Noodles - Cook Republic #vegan #glutenfree #plantbased

Thai Red Curry Tofu Soup With Sweet Potato Noodles

A good spiralizer can change your life. I have the Paderno brand and it is so easy to noodle the living daylights out of any veggie, that even a four year old can do it. But there is this thing. Not all veggies are four-year old friendly in terms of noodling. There is a reason why most brands show a gorgeous, perfectly primped lady spiralizing zucchinis. And not a frenzied woman, hair a wild mess, struggling to spiralize a sweet potato. Because zucchini is the easiest thing you will spiralize and if you think you can apply the same amount of hardly any pressure while spiralizing a sweet potato, you are in for a surprise my friend! Sweet potato is tough. So you will need to get over yo... Read More >>
Apple And Almond Cake

Apple And Almond Cake

El Nino wrecked havoc on our weather system here in Australia. After waiting patiently through spring and summer for autumn to arrive, it never did. Here in Sydney, it went from summer to a balmy spring straight to winter. As a result, our annual apple picking tour had to expedited as the apple harvest was much lower and shorter compared to previous years. Tomorrow is officially the first day of winter and while the cold has finally set in, the trees are confused with many just about starting to turn red. As the branches still hold on to their golden leaves oblivious to the fact that autumn is gone, the 20 odd kilos of apples we picked are continuing to provide heaps of crunch and cold w... Read More >>
Okra Masala Stir-Fry - Vibrant, fresh, quick veggie meals!

Okra Masala Stir-Fry

One of our local market stalls is run by an Indian family. And because of that, they seem to have a never ending supply of okra most of which is depleted after I visit their stall every Thursday. You either love okra or hate it. Like Brussels Sprouts. Your affection or lack of for it can be chalked down to how it was prepared. If you were unfortunate enough to try a slimy version, you probably don't like okra very much unless you like slimy things. But if you had the good fortune of trying okra in its crispy charred glory or a fast flavourful stir-fry like the one I am about to share today, you will love it. Called bhindi in the Indian subcontinent, bhindi masala is a traditional dry cur... Read More >>

Roasted Broccoli And Coconut Salad With Turmeric Dressing

Do you remember the time as a kid when the most exciting part of your day was if your mum or dad allowed you to place a pillow on your chair and sit on it at the dinner table, instantly making you heaps taller (and unconquerable)? How special were simple days like that? Earlier today, I made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to type on my laptop at our dinner table. Because I am the shortest person I know, I hunched my shoulders in an attempt to elevate my elbows. Then I had a thought. I turned around and looked at my couch overflowing with cushions that get forgotten in the corners and picked the flattest one. I placed it on the seat of my chair, sat on it and grinned. My heart lifted... Read More >>

Matcha Coconut And Chia Pudding

My love for matcha is legendary. At least here on the blog. An acquired taste, matcha is the fine ground powder of a specially grown green tea. Grown in the shade away from direct sunlight, the tender leaves of the green tea are grown for a mere three weeks before harvesting. The delicate tea that results from this process is a gorgeous dark shade and has increased amounts of chlorophyll due to the absence of the sun. The leaves are hand picked and then dried. They are then ground slowly between grinding stones. This process can take up to an hour to grind a measly 30 grams of matcha so as to not heat up the stones and affect the delicate nature of the tea. It is little wonder then that ... Read More >>
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