Late Summer Mozzarella Zucchini Salad And Postcards From The Cook Republic Food Writing And Photography Workshop

Two months ago on the eve of my blog's 10th anniversary, I launched the Cook Republic Workshops. Six sold out workshops and an amazing few months of teaching food photography, food styling, cookbook writing, cooking long table lunches, styling spaces and meeting and working alongside the most amazing people lat... Read More >>

Friday List And Taking Time

It feels like I haven't shared a list of my favourites in years. In reality, it has only been six months. There are so many amazing things that inspire and stir me every single day and so I have decided to try and share a list every Friday instead of monthly or 6-monthly. A lot of important milestones have passed s... Read More >>

New Zealand Trip Part I

We are homebodies. We are not world travelers. We seek adventure close to home. Usually a short drive which isn’t long or windy enough to bring on our motion sickness demons. But once in a while, we all throw caution to the wind and let the liberating emotion of wanderlust take us over. In that moment we book our p... Read More >>

Caramel Grape Pound Cake

Back in the good old days, a pound each of basic baking ingredients was quite literally mixed in a bowl to get what became known as the pound cake. One can never go wrong with an old-fashioned pound cake. Soft, pillowy and yet firm when warm from the oven, a pound cake tastes even better unadorned and stale a c... Read More >>