Crunchy Oven Baked Potato Chips

I am doing something today that I haven't done in over 11 years of food blogging. I am blogging spur of the moment because I posted a picture of  good old hand cut potato chips on Instagram and all of you went nuts with your emails and messages asking me what was in my house mix. So I decided to put up this recipe on the blog as I have made it a million times and never thought of putting it up only because it is so commonplace in my kitchen. I totally only took pictures on my phone for this post. And I am loving it! So the house mix huh? It is a mix I make once in a couple of months with dried pantry spices. It is used to season my root veggies before they go for a good old roast ... Read More >>
Sweet Strawberry And Rosewater Labneh Bowl - Cook Republic

Sweet Strawberry And Rosewater Labneh Bowl

Today I wanted to touch on a childhood memory, a fragment of my mind that seems to have faded because I shared it a long time ago on this blog and haven’t thought about it in years. When I was little, I used to take a bus to the station in my little home town of Thane. Often because of traffic jams and hordes of people selling their wares on the footpaths, the bus would come to a standstill a good few hundred meters from its destination. This is when I would alight and meander my way through the throngs of people buying and selling and walking and simply leaning against bicycles without a care in the world. The assault on my senses would be relentless and the cornucopia of smells would a... Read More >>
Baileys Winter Cocktail Shake With Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce - Cook Republic

Baileys Winter Cocktail Shake With Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Give me a spectacular cocktail with a bit of dramatic flair and I am your girl Friday! The Leo in me loves the theatre that unfolds on the table when you are presented with an interactive cocktail or dessert for a special occasion. For my third recipe collaboration with Baileys, I decided to combine all these ideas and emotions into a cocktail shake with a flaming marshmallow atop a layer of creamy foam and hot chocolate fudge sauce. Let this easy but stunning cocktail invoke scenes from an après ski bar, snowflakes drifting lazily, a slow fire crackling, ambient music dotting the clink of glassware and the gentle murmur of conversation. Imagine being served with this glorious winter ... Read More >>
Roasted Cauliflower And Ricotta Grandma Pie - Cook Republic

Roasted Cauliflower And Ricotta Grandma Pie

What the heck is a Grandma Pie? I know you are thinking it, because that was my very first thought when I came across a Cauliflower Grandma Pie recipe on Bon Appetit that I HAD to make. So I decided to research. I went to Google. Google told me that a Grandma Pie was a deep dish pizza of sorts from Sicily that was made by stretching dough in an oiled, shallow, rimmed baking tray and dotting it with mozzarella, tomato sauce, garlic and olive. It was baked until bubbly and crispy. Yum! Filing this away in my ideas notebook for parties and gatherings. The recipe I decided to try out had a few different elements. There was the pizza dough, the roasted cauliflower, the toasted breadcrumbs ... Read More >>

Baileys Jelly And White Chocolate Mousse

I recently discovered a great little trick to creating an instant jelly with the use of cornflour as opposed to gelatine. This kind of jelly sets much faster and has a mousse like consistency, making it ideal for fast desserts. After experimenting making this jelly with all kinds of fruit juices (orange was my most favourite!), I decided to play around with my most favourite winter warming liqueur - Baileys Irish Cream. The result was an amazing, luscious white chocolate mousse and jelly dessert perfect for a grown up dinner party. A sophisticated version of the traditional jelly and custard. White chocolate can be tricky to work with and I had to make my way through five batches of t... Read More >>
Vegan Scrambled Spice Eggs (Tofu And Turmeric) - Cook Republic

Vegan Scrambled Spice Eggs (Tofu And Turmeric Scramble)

A lot has happened in the chicken coop in the past two years. We first brought home three Isa Brown hens in late 2011 - Mario, Luigi and Yoshi. A year later we added the majestic black Australorp Toad to the family. Then in 2014, we lost Mario, Yoshi and Toad to tumours and fox attacks. Our chicken coop now houses Luigi with some hybrid additions - Professor Snape, Snowy, Baymax and Storm. Five feisty free ranging hens feeding on homemade porridge with oats, tuna, sesame seeds, garlic and greens. Four to five fresh eggs daily. It's a good arrangement. One that I often take for granted because I forget how expensive trays of free range organic eggs cost at the shops. I also forget how ted... Read More >>
Baileys Salted Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta - Cook Republic

Baileys Salted Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta

Imagine a dinner party set at a long, vintage table with crystal goblets and crackled plates amidst tall flickering candles, their flame bouncing off a bejeweled low hanging chandelier. Imagine a glorious dessert platter of shimmying, jiggling, wickedly deliciously Baileys Salted Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta waiting to be dug into with tarnished, ornate dessert forks! Everybody knows I am not a dessert person. But this panna cotta, oh my goodness! It broke my resolve, weakened my defence and made me swoon. Logic ceased to exist after I created this recipe. I am not ashamed to admit that Nick and I sat with two spoons every night with one panna cotta pot and did not stop until they wer... Read More >>
Chocolate Marble And Mayonnaise Celebration Cake With Dark Chocolate Ganache - Cook Republic

Chocolate Marble And Mayonnaise Celebration Cake With Dark Chocolate Ganache

I made a big mistake yesterday. The first in 11 years of blogging so I am hoping to forgive myself (and hope you do too!) but I am appalled nonetheless. Let me tell you what happened. I posted a spectacular layer cake recipe yesterday that I made for Rish's (younger boy) birthday in January. An amazing chocolate Star Wars cake that I said had mayonnaise in it. It didn't! It had a sticky chocolate cake for the top layer and orange chocolate chip cake for the bottom layer. The mayonnaise cake, also a big chocolate layered creation was for Rivvy's (older boy) birthday in April. This one had a chocolate marble cake for the top layer and a chocolate mayonnaise cake for the bottom layer. Are y... Read More >>
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