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What Makes A Raspberry And Coconut Cupcake Frou Frou

frou-frou (froo froo) n. 1. Fussy or showy dress or ornamentation. 2. A rustling sound, as of silk. The word frou-frou is first recorded in English in the early 1870s. Its original sense was 'a rustling, as of silk on a woman's dress'. An example that the Oxford English Dictionary cites from 1871: "With a frou-frou of soft silk she arose." This sense also appears as a verb--"frou-frouing skirts," for example. The current sense, 'elaborate or frilly decoration, as on women's clothing', is also found for the first time in the 1870s. The word frou-frou is a borrowing from French, in which it is first found in the 1730s. It is ultimately of imitative origin--the word i... Read More >>
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5-Star Chicken Congee Singapore Style

Whenever I think of Singapore, I do so with a fond smile and an ache in my heart to fly back there and relive the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Lion City. The 5 years that I spent there are as vibrant and fresh in my head as if it were yesterday. I enjoyed numerous gastronomic adventures, discovering wondrous tastes for the first time and savouring every new one. There was this very popular award-winning place selling the much-loved Hainanese Chicken rice on our street called simply "5-Star Chicken Rice". Needless to say, their chicken rice became our staple for lazy evenings and work emergencies. Never a dull moment at that place, orders were usually taken over the p... Read More >>
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Spicy Baked Vegetable Cutlets – Indian Croquettes

With memories of long-distance train journeys along India's West Coast ricocheting in my head, I set out to imitate the pungent and 'chatpata' taste of the Vegetable Cutlets that were served by the canteen boys on those trains. I tried to make them a bit unconventionally. I microwaved all the veggies on high with a little bit of water. The potatoes were still a bit firm when I took them out of the microwave. Then I got out my trusty, big, stone mortar and pestle; and gave the veggies a good bashing. That softened them up nicely without making them overtly mushy . After shaping them into long croquettish shapes and rolling them in breadcrumbs, I sprayed them with Canola based cooking oil... Read More >>
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Authentic Dutch Pancake Poffertje Recipe

  A while back I had mentioned how we oohed-aahed and literally drooled over this generous plate of dutch pancakes/poffertjes at a local fair. It didn't help that they looked gorgeous and were dolloped with fresh cream, strawberries and caramel sauce :). Well, I did manage to buy an authentic cast-iron poffertjes pan on ebay and with a lot of hope and aspirations tried it out over the weekend. It wasn't too bad, but it was not what we enjoyed at the fair. These eggy little marvels came out too chewey and not sweet enough. They looked pretty darned delicious though ... a pity, they did'nt exactly taste that way. So I am appealing to anyone who has a great, traditional dutch pancake r... Read More >>
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Gajar Ka Halwa – Indian Carrot Pudding

Gajar Ka Halwa brings to mind little ornate steel bowls full of delicious, moist, beautifully textured carrot pudding garnished with slivered nuts and silver foil . Hot ... Of course, fresh off the stove!! The typical Halwa like the one Mum makes, takes anywhere between 2-6 hours simmering away on the stove. It takes constant stirring , constant adjusting of consistency and a lot of love. My mum always says that the longer you cook the halwa, the more sweet it becomes. Maybe it is just love after all ... the love of the person doing all the toiling away at the stove. Thanks to modern technology and a lot of laziness , I have conjured up my own version of the Microwave Gajar Ka Halwa. ... Read More >>
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Dum Da Dee Da I am so rumbly in my tumbly

Thanks to my firstborn who is now in the throes of his terrible twos, I have developed a very strong affection for everything Pooh. You would think that after watching the same old cartoons day in and day out, reading the same stories at bedtime and listening to the really funny songs an upteenth time a day, I would've had enough? Well, what can I say; Pooh and his gang have a rather warm and fuzzy appeal. And he is so right that Winnie The Pooh when he sings "Dum Da Dee Da .. I'm so rumbly in my tumbly!", coz that is exactly how I have been feeling smack in the middle of winter. As I had mentioned a long time ago somewhere on this blog that I would review "The Pooh Cookboo... Read More >>

Lazy Saturday Lunch Authentic Homestyle Chicken Curry

You know it is a lazy weekend afternoon and that things are extremely relaxed when you are having lunch at 3:00pm. As long as that lunch is a full bodied, spicy chicken curry with fluffy, steamed white rice, I don't care what time it is that we are eating. If your chicken is thawed and ready to cook, this delicious family recipe is faster to put together than a standard sandwich. For glorious results always use a pressure cooker, if you don't have one, a simple saucepot will do the trick but will take an hour longer to cook.  ... Read More >>

What Does Spelt Bread Mean?

"What Does Spelt Bread Mean" I asked the bread vendor at our local gourmet market today. "It is bread made from untreated, pure flour obtained from the 'spelt' grain" he said "And it makes the bread super-healthy and richer in fibre, proteins and other nutrients than any other kind of bread". Well, that sold me and I bought the "Sourdough Spelt Bread". We toasted it for breakfast, no frills or spreads ... just pure and simple toast. It tasted great with scrambled eggs. Crusty and crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside with a nutty and sour flavour. I think it makes a huge difference pyschologically too, if you are eating something you know is good for your health, you are bout to sa... Read More >>
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