Roast Garlic Chicken With Chestnuts And Sticky Marsala Sauce

  We are now into week 6 of our renovations and I will be the first to admit - it hasn't been easy. For one, it has been bloody cold in our garage where we eat our meals (our garage is partially open with fancy gaps in brickwork). Cooking and washing up at the lone cold garden tap is hellish when the wind picks up. When we do eat inside the house, we are perched precariously on stools and empty boxes with bowls in our laps doing our ver... Read More >>

Rustic Lamb And Coconut Curry

  A curry made from scratch is not only deeply satisfying, it is also incredibly tasty. The beauty of spice pairing while cooking a curry is that you often don't have to do a thing other than toss everything in a big pot and simmer until it smells like you just want to eat it. No wonder curries are a constant in my busy life. Every curry rests it's laurels on a delicious sauce, whether it is dry-ish and chunky or creamy and spoonable. ... Read More >>

Apple Chai Spice Jam

  Everything in life has a purpose. There is a multi-gazillion dollar industry built on that very fact. A car is for driving and not scuba diving. A hat is to wear and not use as a fish bowl. A frying pan is to fry eggs and not play tennis. But there are loopholes to these rules and imagine finding a legitimate one which really works. How happy and proud will you feel? Like using a pantyhose (clean and brand new) to strain your chicken ... Read More >>

Mushroom And Roasted Garlic Risotto

  A risotto is gratifying and terrifying in the same instance. I never made one until I was thirty. Not sure whether I liked it too. But back in 2008, I had overheard two schoolgirls on the train go on and on about how they had made a risotto in their home economics class and OMG it was so awesome and OMG it was LIKE the best thing evah and OMG it was SOOO easy, it wasn't even frickin' funny! Their words, not mine.     Ne... Read More >>

Slow Cooked Oriental Pork With Mandarins + Win A Cuisinart Slow Cooker Of Your Choice (CLOSED)

  I first put this recipe up in my online recipe database in 2003. It was one of the first recipes I shared on the internet. Over the years I have cooked it with a few variations here and there but the base recipe remains the same. Pork, baby onions, lots of garlic, sweet mandarins and Asian spices slow cooked to a flavourful and tender dish that is perfect for sharing over dinner. With college on two nights a week, Nick and I find slow... Read More >>