Sugarplum Buttermilk Cake

  One of the best things about our Thursday Farmer's Market are the sugar plums. They are small, perfectly shape, tart and blood red. I am always amazed at their beautiful texture. Crunchy and juicy, as if it was even possible otherwise. Sadly, I can't stand eating them unless they happen to be very sweet. I have an extremely low sour threshold. Which means, all the more for Nick who adores them.       But I can have ... Read More >>

38 Confessions Of A Food Blogger And Foodie

  I cannot peel a boiled egg without giving it cellulite. I have panic attacks before icing a cake for a special occasion.  I cannot sleep if I fail at a recipe, making batch after batch till I get it right. My kitchen looks like a catering house for a party of 60 when that happens. I need therapy for my cookbook addiction. I think I buy more cookbooks every month than I cook from (Yes, I am blaming marketing dep... Read More >>

Cook Republic is One. What A Year It Has Been!

  It was five years ago in July that I shared my very first recipe with the world on a blog called Gel's Kitchen. It has now been a year since my food blog changed its identity to Cook Republic. But the heart of my food blog is still the same, mine. I have loved it, nurtured it and fed it with words from my head and pictures from my life. I have given it a new lease of life. Cook Republic is one and what a year it has been!   Bloggin... Read More >>

Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas Picnic 2010 At Centennial Park

On December 11, 2010; I trudged halfway across the country to my very first Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas Picnic at Centennial Park in the heart of Sydney city. Well, not quite halfway across the country but from the far reaches of Sydney's upper north shore. And it was worth every minute of the 2 hours it took me to reach the meet that was festooned with spectacular food and some really lovely people, all brought together by their fanaticism for g... Read More >>