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Blackberry Overnight Oats

Every summer our blackberry vine creeps a bit further and grows more tendrils that become robust branches heaving with juicy black fruit at the peak of the season. It is amazing how many berries you can stuff in your mouth when you are picking them off the vines. As a result, I am never left over with any blackberries to freeze. Luckily, our local supermarket stocks an organic brand of frozen blackberries which is a key fixture in my freezer ... Read More >>
Spelt Banana Sour Cream Cake & Magimix Cook Expert - Cook Republic

Spelt Sour Cream Banana Cake And The Magimix Cook Expert

I have always been a knife and pan girl. Even though I have a barrage of kitchen appliances and gadgets, my love for a simpler style of cooking with just a knife and a few pots and pans is far greater. But when Magimix contacted me back in April to collaborate on a new all-in-one cooking appliance called Magimix Cook Expert, it piqued my curiosity and I started my research. Over the course of the following months, I read up on every single al... Read More >>

Coffee Gingerbread Granola

One of the things I love about living in Australia is the fact that we celebrate Christmas in July like our friends in New Zealand and South Africa. July is the middle of winter and the coldest month of the year because we all know that seasons are opposite in the Southern hemisphere. So a whole lot of us decided to celebrate Christmas in July and called it Yulefest, because honestly it is a bit too hot in December to have mulled wine, hot ro... Read More >>
Slow Cooked Apple Tart Overnight Oats - Cook Republic

Slow Cooked Apple Tart Overnight Oats

I first discovered steel cut oats approximately 5 years ago. Following the instructions on the back of the pack, I cooked them for 30 minutes and it was love at first chewy bite. In fact, I loved them so much and was so obsessed with cooking them every morning that I even included a recipe for creamy, honeyed, steel cut oats in my cookbook. Then last night, I slow cooked them for 8 hours in my slow cooker and when I woke up to the smell of ap... Read More >>

Apple Strawberry Pie Muffins

I love apples. Not just the fruit but the story and emotion surrounding this gorgeous red fruit. Apart from the fact that it was the first fruit that had a story attached to it in kindergarten right through to middle school (hello Adam and Eve! Oh hi Snow White! Hey William Tell!), it was also the first fruit Nick and I shared more than two decades ago as we walked to the bus stop from college. He had an apple. I was hungry. He seemed relu... Read More >>

Chocolate Bircher Muesli Cups With Toasted Marshmallows

I love my savoury breakfasts. And I love my porridge and overnight oats and Birchers. From never eating breakfast in my younger days to always preparing a nourished bowl or plate of something to fuel my mornings, I have indeed come a long way. I suppose when I was first pushed (firmly) into having breakfast every single day by Nick, I realised that I actually enjoyed the process of it so much more. It is little wonder then, that my favour... Read More >>