March 2011

Month: March 2011

A Wet Weekend, A Python And Sweet Corn Chowder

If I were a colour, I would be brown. Although I say that I love white and black (that is the photographer in me talking), I gravitate towards everything brown. Autumn with its russet coloured carpets, warm brown breads laid out on hessian at farmer's markets, chestnuts, camel hued clothes, almost bare branches with crumply brown leaves barely hanging on for dear life, fresh cakes with golden tops, gorgeous dark wood chairs with coloured cushio... Read More >>
Tomato Soup - Styling & Photo By Sneh Roy

Tamatar Shorba – Indian Tomato Soup And Memories Of Holi

Why couldn't I have called today's recipe Tomato Soup instead of Tamatar Shorba? For starters, this soup is very different from your average Cream Of Tomato Soup. A Tamatar Shorba happens when your tinned tomatoes travel back in time to ancient Persia or the Mughal-ruled India. You may use fresh tomatoes of course, but not if you are in Sydney probably. I don't know what the price of tomatoes is elsewhere, but here in Sydney it would be the eq... Read More >>

Cakewich – White Chocolate Sandwich Cake With Jam And Cream

My youngest hit the ripe old age of 3 earlier this year and with a maturity that only a 3 year old can have, he proclaimed "I am a Chef!". For the 2 months prior to his birthday, he had been getting down and dirty with all things food. Wanting to make playdough every morning by mixing flour and water, randomly opening a cookbook and pointing to a particularly hard recipe and announcing "Let's make that!", insisting on dressi... Read More >>

Kari Ayam – Malaysian Curry Chicken

  I bought the Shiok cookbook when I was still in Singapore after hoarding a copy from the local library for so long that they slapped me with a heavy fine. I decided then that it would not only be cheaper but also sensible to buy my own copy.   The Shiok cookbook by Terry Tan and Christopher Tan is a very authentic and delightful mix of Singaporean, Malay and Peranakan cuisine. I never cooked anything from the book while I was s... Read More >>

Balsamic Bocconcini Basil Salad

Some of the most delightful things in life are often the ones that are also the simplest. Like a smile or a breeze or a cup of good coffee on a cold day. Like hitting the most perfect flavour combination when you throw together ingredients randomly.     Over Christmas, I bought myself many fantastic cookbooks and food related reads. One of them was The Flavor Thesaurus. The book is a very interesting study in flavour matching and p... Read More >>