Cook Republic Files – Favourites List January 2012

Cook Republic Files - Favourites January 2012
I am back to work today after a month and a half long holiday. Although I found myself working as much during the holidays if not more. Things like organizing, sorting, planning, gardening and my favourite – moving furniture around. These are the other things I enjoy in life besides cooking, writing, photographing and designing. So in actuality it was a holiday filled with work I enjoy, family and friends I love, food I crave and places that feed my creativity. It was nice and eerily like my regular day to day life.
Today is one of the most beautiful Mondays I have encountered recently. The air is crisp and cool with a breath of warmth from the bright sun shining through the fluffy white clouds. There is a lot to love about this sun kissed weather in Sydney as I am sure there is much to love about places all over the world right now. I have a list of some of my recent favourite things to share today. The first for 2012. Hope you like it.
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The intro photo to this post. I shot this picture of Nick as we queued up to get our tickets at Luna Park, Sydney. The noise level was amazing. There were squeals of laughter, babies wailing, carousel music on in full swing and the incessant chatter of revelers. I watched Nick as he continued reading something on a wall nearby and the whole world just fell off, the noise ceased and all I saw was him. 
The ECCO Essence Boat Shoe in Lion. Love the colour, love how they hug my feet. 
Paprika App for iPad. 
This delightful story of the Rule Of Threes with a clever use for disastrous macarons. 
This bag. 
This website. 
This magazine. 
These photos. 
This blog. 
This recipe. 
Apple Drane – A Food & Photography Blog. 
This kettle  and toaster  in coconut by Kenwood. Adding some retro chic to my freshly painted sunroom.
Quirky cake toppers for your everyday cakes.  Speaking of quirky, how about a Focaccia cake
Happy Lab packaging and goodies. 
Illustrations by Clare Owen


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