Cook Republic Files - Favourites List November 2012

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Cook Republic Files - Favourites List November 2012 

The winds of change howl at my door. In just over two months when the new year has settled in, my baby flys the nest. Our youngest goes off to big school. I see his baby pictures from when he had not discovered walking and then at him performing an acrobatic leap across the couch. Where did his cheeks disappear? There are no dimples on his knees and no fleshy indentations on his wrists. Was I not watching him constantly all these years? When did he stop being a baby?

I set out on a new journey too. Early next year, I go back to college. After twelve very long years. I never though I would study again. I had written that off. But here I am, excited to take the plunge and studying what I have always wanted to. Design. As we rush towards Christmas, there is a buzz about things. There is nervous energy, doubt, melancholy, nostalgia, hope and excitement. I want to hold on to his childhood a little longer. I want to not step into the big bad world just yet. But I am ready and the hesitation is just - well, expected. So I take comfort in the fact that not much is changing with Nick and our older son. These holidays I want to tie loose ends and simplify. I want to slow down. I want to have the calm before the storm. Because deep down, I know we will be alright - my youngest and me.

For now, I leave you with a list of things that have caught my eye this month.


- Hope Greenwood Tuck Shop Jar.

- A new magazine called AcqTaste.

- For The Love Of Pie series by Nikole Herriott makes me wish it was still autumn here. 

- The holiday issue of Sweet Paul magazine. 

This food website. 

This croquette. These scones.  These brownies. This tart.

- This cute Instagram purse. 

8 Pie Crusts

- Sweet Art : Gingerland

- Shaved Brussels Sprouts and being a warrior.

- Renegade Ice Cream

- The art of Artisan

- A stuck tune

- This fragrance. 

A Pizelle Maker

This event. 

- The Essential Ingredient Online Store. 

- To Minimalism  and making your own bread.



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  1. Rosa

    Lovely links, thanks!



  2. Miss Piggy

    Good luck with the course - sounds great. And good luck to you little boy when he starts school next year.

    • Sneh

      Thank you Mel 🙂

  3. gerie

    thanks for the lovely links


  4. Bron

    How neat is that Instagram purse? Cute!
    Awesome finds Sneh, thanks.

  5. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef

    Congratulations on starting school (again). It must feel wonderful to follow your passion. Great links!

  6. Kiran @

    That photo of your son -- simply priceless 🙂

  7. tee

    I have such admiration for people who take action to 'those things you've wanted to do'- scary but so worth the risk. All the best with the course and I'm sure you'll put everything you learn into practice.

  8. erin

    I feel like I am so far behind on all things internet- thank you for the link love! Also, congrats on the big decision, very exciting! I've flirted with the idea of going back to school for something completely different than what I previously had done.


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