Friday List And New Workshops For Spring Summer 2015

Handmade Ceramics - photo and styling, Sneh Roy

Hello from beautiful Sydney. The sun is shining, it is a brisk 8 degrees and the winter glow is bouncing off the trees and dew kissed leaves. I am enjoying a little break with the boys before going away for a few days to a place we have always loved. I have been cooking thrice a day and the boys often join me in making a mess.  I have quickly fallen in to a reading routine that had gone amiss from my life in the past few years. I am happy to say that I have read 10 books so far. Our hens have started laying and the eggs are piling up. The possums have meanwhile destroyed my marmalade dreams by wrecking the first fruits of the cumquat tree. Our humble, cosy and quirky home has been featured on Design Sponge yesterday and there are heaps of never before seen pictures. The new series of workshops for Spring and Summer 2015 have been announced with the first one selling out in just a couple of days. If you want to be a part of the fun series full of food photography, styling, writing, designing, creating gatherings .. make sure you head on over here and book a spot.

I have been cooking one new thing every week to just learn to be a better cook and cast a wider cooking adventure net. This week I made a poppy seed cake and made broth. What have you cooked recently? I leave you now with some things that caught my eye. Happy weekend and Happy Cooking!


Beautiful new blog discovery and this carrot cake.

Who knew there was a thing like Baked Sweetcorn Cream and my does it look luscious!

Adding to my summer pop repertoire with this and this.

Rekindling an old love affair with lentils this winter and these are fantastic – salad and bowl.

My weekend could do with some sunshine in a bowl with this sweet potato creation.

Making soups every two days and this combination looks very interesting.

Zaira’s blog is a visual feast and a fete of words.

Oh my gnocchi! And what a tart!

Why you should be grilling your greens? And maybe a pineapple or two?

Bars that feel good.

A good old blog if you love baking and pastry and jamming and creating the best of pouring vanilla cream concoctions for your desserts. Yes!

There is often a disconnect between what I’d like to cook and eat and what I eventually make because of the kids. I would’ve liked this for dinner.

Loving this brand of shoes for tired, weary, on the go, spur ridden feet like mine.

New kitchen gadget to overcome the stress of turning zucchinis in an older one.

Finished reading this for our book club this month. It made me think a lot and alerted me to a practice/way of life that I never knew existed in the US a few decades ago.

Loving the work of these local ceramic artists – earthandbaker, katiacarletti, taracarbonara.


lead photo – my small growing collection of handmade ceramics from local Australian artists.

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