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Last week we went away for a bit to the snow. Our first snow trip and I realised I was a snow person. I was clumsy as heck but I was definitely a snow person. I will do a full photo post of our snow adventures later this month. But first, I want to thank all of you for your massive love on my kitchen post. I am loving it in there. I have decided to take it slow over the next few months and return to cooking purely for the sake of cooking (not blogging!). I want to rediscover my love for food without adulterating it with an impending blog post or the perfect shot. I have spent so much time with my boys and my man over the past two weeks that it could fast become a habit. I have read a book, I have watched heaps of movies, I have gardened. I have not obsessed about work or social media. I have laughed till my belly ached. I have let go. Good times!

For all those of you who are still tossing up about buying my cookbook, Taste magazine have a six page extract in their August issue and it is beautiful. So go grab a copy. 

Hope you enjoy some of my favourite links this month. Have a wonderful weekend folks!



Armchair traveling in Southern Thailand

A very cool initiative by Blog Society to share some love amongst bloggers. #blogtribe

An old school provision store that I can’t wait to see evolve with the seasons

Half Baked Harvest is lush! So many recipes I want to try!

New to gluten free baking? This beginner’s guide was a very informative read.

Interesting infographic on how a region’s cuisine can be summed up in just 3 ingredients.

Writing a cookbook is NOT always the answer.

This pickle is just so pretty. And a guide.

Books I am loving right now – Salad Samurai, The Art Of Eating Well, Made In India.

Love these guys!

Must make for breakfast! 

This cake.

Hug a farmer. They work so hard!

Filing away summer picnic bowl recipes.

If I ever miss breakfast, I think of Marta.

Watched this movie. It was good.

Love this so much, it has inspired me to document my weekends.



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