My Favourites List For October 2013

Sprouting In Jars - Cook Republic 
The year is flying by at a maddening pace. In the lead up to Christmas, I have a new obsession that might come in handy when it is time to make personal gifts. Jars. I am completely smitten by them. Over the past few weeks I have amassed an impressive range of Bell Mason Jars and Weck Jars with a couple of vintage Fowler’s and some Italian brands thrown in for good measure. There is so much you can do with them. My favourite way of displaying jars is by the window and filled with water to reflect the natural light. I make arrangements with fresh cut herbs, flowers and sliced lemons or other fruit. It is my zen, at least for as long as the obsession sticks around. I also use them to make desserts, sprout legumes, store freshly made labneh or a year old version of my sourdough starter. They also hold bits and bobs in my studio from tiny wooden forks to handmade flags for cakes. Very resourceful indeed!
What is your current obsession? Do tell. And while you mull over it, have a look at my favourites for this month. They are super interesting!
– 16 things you can turn into pesto
– I want to make marinated mushrooms and grilled naan with garlic scape chutney.
– Always on the lookout for good looking ice creams, I stumbled upon Pistachio and Kaffir Lime Mango ice creams.
– I have become a smoothie fiend of late and these sound mighty interesting Matcha VanillaGrilled Peach and Sweet Potato.
– This carbon steel frying pan by De Buyer is the only one you will ever need. Mine is now seasoned to perfection.
– Mason and Weck jars in all sizes and shapes.
– Some stunning brand design and beautiful flavours in the new Rachel’s low-fat yoghurt series.
– This recipe for 15 minute donut holes.
– Why we use unsalted butter? muses Joy The Baker
– See what a week’s worth of groceries looks like in different countries.
– Molly Yeh’s tongue-in-cheek blog is atmospheric and has stand out food.
– A great wholesome way to use millet on one of my favourite blogs.
– Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake cracked me up in this Youtube hashtag video
– I would like to make my own snow globes. The Sunday Collector shows how.
– This would make a fantastic holiday offering. House Of Brinson Blog shows how to make coffee liqueur.
– Cookbooks I am cooking from right now and loving it.

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