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Lebkuchen – German Christmas Ginger Cookies

  I recently got sent two volumes of a brand new baking repository. A limited edition, 60-part series that comprises of modernised classics and is accompanied by various types of gorgeous silicon bakeware. It is called Baked And Delicious. To test run the first volume, I decided to bake a batch of German spice cookies called Lebkuchen.       Lebkuchen (pronounced leb-koo-ken, as kindly pointed out by my German friend Petra) are traditional German Christmas cookies, resembling gingerbread and were invented by medieval German monks to celebrate the festive season. They are baked with spices and honey or treacle for ... Read More >>

Cream Of Pumpkin Soup And Chicken Glazed Swiss Mushrooms

  I love real stock that is made from scratch, stock that is simmered slowly with the freshest of ingredients. I have made fresh stock a handful of times. The rest of the time, I have used store bought stock. Don't judge me! I plan to go back to simmering my own stock after my chickens have flown their coop and when time is not such a novelty. It is a promise, I hear echoing all around me as enthusiastic cooks (most of them all parents and juggling more than they can) pledge to create their own stocks on a regular basis in the future.    Post Sponsored By Nuffnang.         I have been using stock i... Read More >>

Tiramisu And My 200th Post

Sometimes when I am flipping through a cooking magazine or shopping at the deli, I become delusional. I have ideas of grandeur. The all empowering feeling of absolute surety that “Yes! I can bake that 8 layer specialty cake and cater for 20 people in half a day, no problem!” or “Today I feel my cooking bug stirring. Sure I’ll make a lasagne, in fact several and a decadent dessert and a chutney and some pesto and a beautiful light salad and maybe even cook something and freeze for the weekend!” It is this totally unfounded, impossible notion that I can do all that in a heartbeat just because I feel like it, that... Read More >>

Pav Bhaji – Indian Sloppy Joes

  Pav Bhaji is essentially a ragout of boiled, mashed and slow simmered vegetables spiked with a tantalising array of spices and served to be lapped up with crusty pan fried bread, a dash of lemon and a lashing of sweet red onions. It is the most explosive of vegetarian flavours revealing themselves on your palate. Have I got your attention yet?         This Mumbai street food is my family's all time favourite food. It is similar to the Sloppy Joe of the west. What is really  great about this wonderful dish is that it is packed with the goodness of many vegetables. How many street food recipes can boast o... Read More >>

Baby Lemon Madeleines

    Our citrus trees have been hibernating for the longest time now. I had given up on our Meyer lemon and Australian lime trees. But this weekend, I saw Nick hard at work mulching, feeding, water and weeding around them. Just a little TLC and they already look ready for the warmer months. Maybe there is hope.     I have been buying a lot of citrus fruits lately. Just yesterday we drove through the very beautiful rural district of the Hornsby Shire and bought some more. The Shire is mottled by huge landscaped farms and rustic fences. There are fresh produce shacks sitting stoic and proud at the top of many driveways... Read More >>

Aloo Matar – Indian Potato And Pea Curry

Aloo Matar is my Indian version of a quick mac and cheese or stir fried noodles.  It is my go to dish when inspiration and time are both lacking. It is whipped up in a matter of minutes using pantry staples and virtually cooks itself while I do a few dishes and set the table. Aloo simply means potato and matar means pea. This very popular and much loved Indian classic Potato and Pea Curry has many variations.  It is hearty, warming, flavourful, fresh and thoroughly satisfying. If I have a few extra minutes to spare (which I usually do), I grate some cucumber and stir it in a bowl of sweetened yogurt with chopped mint leaves f... Read More >>