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Little Brown Bread

  A few wednesdays ago, Gummi Bear announced that he was going to bake bread. He didn't seem to care whether I was on board or not. He then proceeded to the kitchen and fished for a bowl. Next, he grabbed a wooden spoon and a stool in quick succession. After hoisting himself on the stool, so his tiny three year old self could see what was on the counter, he took a pause. Very carefully he reached out for the egg carton and dragged it towards himself. My heart puffed with pride. "He knows what he is doing!!" I thought forgiving him the mistake of  grabbing some eggs for bread baking. I know he was recalling our cake maki... Read More >>

Chocolate And Assam Tea Prune Brownies

  The inspiration for this brownie came from the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook. They have a delectable brownie recipe that calls for prunes macerated in alcohol for three days. As amazing as it sounds, I am always a tad skeptical about giving the kids anything alcohol soaked. So I decided to experiment with Assam tea.       I brewed some hot, strong Assam tea and soaked the prunes in it. I let them soak for 24 hours. The brownies that I baked with them were moist with a beautiful flaky crust and chewy fudgey middle redolent with a delicate tea flavour. The chocolate and tea soaked prunes went very well together. C... Read More >>

Tabouli And The Pantry Game

  One of the many promises I made to myself this year was to cook with as many different ingredients that I could lay my hands on. Explore every possible corner of the food chart. It is very easy to get stuck in a rut, pasta every night or a pilaf for a weekend lunch, weekend after weekend. Before you know it, you have some amazing ingredients in the pantry collecting dust and mites, whereas your body becomes slave to an ingredient that no longer excites it. I wasn't getting stuck in that rut, but coming awfully close to it on numerous occasions.          To get over the initial mental block of trying s... Read More >>

Vanilla And Strawberry Pops.

  I was asked by the ever so lovely people at Kitchenware Direct to pick something from their amazing array of products to review and test run on the blog. Having done a beautiful pasta machine giveaway in the cooler months, a cool treat churning device was the next logical step. So the good people at Kitchenware Direct sent over a spunky Zoku Quick Pop Maker. A series of unfortunate incidents followed the arrival of the pop maker. The weather turned dark and gloomy. It poured buckets. A virus slowly crept into our throats and rendered us all into distant cousins of Kermit the frog. I knew then that the contraption that had arrived wa... Read More >>

TGIF. Toes Go In First. A Favourites List.

  TGIF. Toes Go In First. That is what I have always thought it was. Imagine then, my surprise when I saw all the young people constantly posting that on Facebook and Twitter all the time, especially just before the weekend. "Young people are strange!" I thought. But then curiosity got the better of me and I googled it. That is when I was glad, that I had never said or written TGIF in public, because Toes Go In First was definitely not what it was.   Thank God It's Friday. TGIF. How could I have not known that? Firstly, in my defence I have always worked from home, from under a rock and many a times I am quite clueles... Read More >>

Burnt Butter Caramel Slice

Burnt butter has always had a fancy schmancy ring to it for me. I have never tasted anything burnt butter, at least not anything that was pre-meditated. And that is exactly what happened what I set out to make this slice earlier this week. My goal was to make a classic chocolate caramel slice. That was pre-meditated. What happened after that wasn't. A chocolate caramel slice is one of the simplest sweet treats you will ever make and it is addictive and thoroughly fantastic. It has only 3 steps and if you follow them, you are golden. A no brainer really. The first is a cookie layer that is baked for a set amount of time, the secon... Read More >>