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My Ten Fondest Food Memories

Today I am doing something different. I am sharing with you my ten fondest food memories. Just ten? Well, I do have so many, but these are my fondest by far and I go back to them every now and then. My inspiration for this post comes from Caitlin of Food Nerd who is hosting Top Ten Food-Related Memories this month. It's a lovely idea and I think you would ... Read More >>

Rose Petal And Coconut Fudge

  I have a few roses popping up in my garden every now and then as the weather turns cooler. And I have plenty of odd and end uses for the rose petals. I use them to make ice creams, spike desserts, infuse in tea, cook into a chutney and garnish cakes. This time around I decided to try out a fudge recipe that I had been thinking of. I have taken my 5-m... Read More >>

Double Chocolate And Macadamia Brownies

I recently got a copy of Belinda Jeffery's Mix & Bake cookbook from my local library. It is full of delicious looking goodies and at the turn of every page, you have to stop yourself from rushing to the kitchen to churn out something from your oven. The recipes are delightfully simple in this book and there are quite a few nice ones for brownies, anoth... Read More >>

Green Chilli Fritters

  Summer is long gone and our chilli plants have gone into deep winter hibernation. But not before they gave us a parting gift of abundantly long, green, shiny chillies. When the chillies are so nice and firm, they are the perfect candidates to be fritter-ised as I like to call it. Give them a light rinse in the water and pat them dry. Slit them down l... Read More >>

Croissant And Cranberry Pudding

The other night dinner was cooked and ready way before dinner time. Which is a very rare occurrence in our home as I struggle to work and also cook up something on the side to tame our growling bellies later in the evening. I had not baked my trusty bread pudding in a while, so decided to plunge ahead and make dessert. Then I saw the oversized pack of 10... Read More >>