I am a food and lifestyle photographer and stylist based out of Sydney, Australia. I am a Canon girl. I used my Canon 450D EOS for seven years for all the photography that you see on this blog prior to July 2013 and for my portfolio and client work.  As of July 2013, I now use Canon 5D Mark III for all my photography work both here on the blog and for client work (magazines/small businesses/cookbooks). I briefly used a Nikon D600 but the 5D is my weapon of choice for all food photography and reportage work. I always shoot in soft natural light which is very often quite early in the day or late in the evening (the magic hours of natural photography!).

I love prop hunting and see food styling as an evolving art. I love setting up shoots while the food is cooking and adore honest pictures. Food that is not tampered with and absolutely delicious either warm from the oven or hot and simmering from the cooktop. If I wouldn’t eat it and relish it, I wouldn’t shoot it.  I experiment with a lot of different looks to suit different moods and seasons. I try to inject a lot of my quirky, folksy and rustic personality into my pictures. My own personal style tends to be messy, edgy, often dark and eye catching!

Lenses I use

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens

Canon EF 50mm F1.4 USM Lens

Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens


Software And Accessories

I work primarily in Adobe Lightroom 5  and Photoshop for my post processing. I also use VSCO Film presets and find the Visual Supply Company blog a massive source of inspiration. I use the Lowepro Messenger AW180 to carry my gear. It is sexy and tough as.


My Clients

I have been very fortunate to amass a respected client base over the past few years. Some of my awesome clients include Food & Wine Magazine, Campbell’s, Mushroom Grower’s Association, Feast Magazine, Bauer Media, Random House Australia.




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Some of my older work (Food Styling And Photography)


Broccolini Incaberry Salad - Sneh Roy Brown Butter Lemon Friand Cake - Sneh Roy Think Green Juice - Sneh Roy Green Ingredients - Sneh Roy

Moroccan Spice - Sneh Roy Cardamom Patty Cakes - Sneh Roy Latte Granita - Sneh Roy Spinach Gnudi With Sage Brown Butter - Sneh Roy

Gingerbread Muffins - Sneh Roy Gingerbread Muffins - Sneh Roy Cacao Nib And Mint Frozen Yoghurt - Sneh Roy Fresh Mulberries - Sneh Roy

Sugarplum Cake - Sneh Roy Pops - Sneh Roy Lemon Juice - Sneh Roy Quinoa Croquettes - Sneh Roy

Rhubarb Cake - Sneh Roy Thai Salad - Sneh Roy Yoghurt Cherry Cake - Sneh Roy Hot Chocolate - Sneh Roy

Butterscotch - Sneh Roy Caramel - Sneh Roy Chicken Sliders - Sneh Roy Carrot Cake - Sneh Roy

Raspberries - Sneh Roy Bread - Sneh Roy Daisy Cake - Sneh Roy Chickpea Salad - Sneh Roy

Breakfast - Sneh Roy Savoury Tart - Sneh Roy Quinoa Cookies - Sneh Roy Yoghurt Dessert - Sneh Roy

Strawberry Muffins - Sneh Roy Salad Bruschetta - Sneh Roy Apples - Sneh Roy Pizza - Sneh Roy

Pizza Dough - Sneh Roy Cake - Sneh Roy Honey - Sneh Roy Dark Tones - Sneh Roy



*News* Cook Republic won Best Australian Blog 2013 and Best Lifestyle Blog 2013 in the nationwide Australian Writer’s Centre Blog Comp. Photography was one of the main criteria the judges used to pick a winner.



*News* I was on the judging panel for the 3rd Australian Eat Drink Blog 2012 Photography Contest. It was amazing to be on the other end of the competition spectrum and to be given a chance to pick from amongst some very talented entries across Australia.



*News* I won the 2nd Australian Eat Drink Blog 2011 Photography Contest. I was the winner of the prestigious IMPACT award that was judged by a panel of photography elites. This was the winning photo. The photo is titled Tomato Mustard Chutney.



Tomato Chutney - IMPACT Photography Eat Drink Blog 2011 Australia Winner - Photographer Sneh Roy



In July 2011, I embarked on a new photographic journey. My Project 365 that I call A Delicious Life. In this self project and photography experiment, I will shoot a food picture (cooked, raw, cultural) everyday in an effort to document the little delicacies and joys of my everyday life and in doing so, learn something new and flex my inner creativity. You can follow my progress on Flickr – Project 365, A Delicious Life.


Day 12 - Red Anjour Day 11 - Lamb Pie Day 10 - Freckles Day 9 - Rustic 

Day 8 - Spices Day 7 - Mandarin Day 6 - Night Cherry Day 5 - Thyme 

Day 4 - Walnut Day 3 - Eggs Day 2 - Log Cakes Day 1 - Dark Chocolate Sunflower Bundt