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My Most Popular Recipes For 2017

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My Most Popular Recipes -2017


It was a year ago that I was baking my very first Christmas Pavlova although it feels like only yesterday. Where did 2017 go? It was a year of ups and downs for us as it always is. A year where I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking delicious healthy meals for the whole family. And truly slowing down enough to focus on the important things and spend more time here on the blog. Hope it was delicious and fruitful for you too. On the eve of the New Year, I thought it would be nice to see what you loved the most on my blog in 2017. So here is a little list of my most popular recipes in 2017 that you visited, cooked from and hopefully enjoyed. Some of these are my favourites too and in regular rotation in the kitchen. Have you made them all? I would love to hear from you. And if you haven’t tried them out yet, I hope you do!


I want to thank each and everyone of you for being a part of my little Cook Republic community here on the blog, on Instagram and on Facebook. I love sharing my recipes and photos with you, I love reading your comments and emails. It really keeps me going and is the main reason I blog. Wish you and yours a very Happy New Year! Tomorrow is Day 1 of yet another wonderful year in the kitchen, make it delicious! Sneh x


1. Chickpea And Coconut Korma Curry With Pumpkin (Gluten Free/Vegan)

We love this creamy vegan curry in our home. It is mild enough for the kids to truly enjoy and has a comforting warmth due to all the spices. Leftovers taste even better.

“Stumbled on this due to a newfound enthusiasm in veggie curries and a little bit of time on my hands to indulge the passion. Every other mouthful had me mmming out loud and even my 7 year old daughter said it was ok which is high praise indeed! For sure will be exploring some other recipes on your site – cheers!” – JayB

Chickpea Coconut Korma Curry



2. Spinach And Cheese Curry – Palak Paneer (Gluten Free)

This is a really old recipe on the blog that everyone seems to enjoy cooking a lot. Packed full of green goodness, it is a delicious take on the famous Palak Paneer you will find at Indian restaurants. For an even more authentic version, try my Kale Paneer.

“Wow this was great! Made it for my GCSE food tech and got an A*. Changed paneer as the it was meant to be healthy. Best curry recipe yet!! Thanks” – Ed

Palak Paneer



3. Zucchini And Sweet Potato Slice

A lunchbox staple, I make this at least once a month and freeze the slices for filling up the lunchbox or a quick after school snack. I often replace the bacon in this recipe with more veggies or pan crisped mushrooms. Yum!

“I have made this about 4-5 times now and it is absolutely one of my favorite go-to breakfasts! Thank you so much for the recipe! I also like how easy it is to make little tweaks to the ingredients. ” – Melissa

Zucchine And Sweet Potato Slice - Cook Republic



4. Iced Cardamom Coffee (Gluten Free/ Vegan)

A coffee lover’s dream! A delicious Indian take on the traditional iced coffee.

“Just made it and it’s such an interesting flavour! I’m used to the traditional iced latte so this is a great change” – Steph

Iced Cardamom Coffee - Cook Republic



5. Baked Mushroom Curry (Gluten Free/ Vegan)

This has to be one of my favourite recipes on the blog. I honestly make it once a week. We love this so much. It is what got my older son to start eating (and love!) mushrooms and now the younger one is following suit. And it all bakes in the oven in just one pan! Win, win and win!

“Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. The moment I read the recipe I knew I will make it. I made this curry two times and it is such a hit in my house. Mushrooms and mango chutney is an amazing combination.” – Renu

Baked Mushroom Curry - Cook Republic #vegan #glutenfree



6. Milk Chocolate Brownies

A simple but naughty recipe. My ode to milk chocolate (because as a child my home was next to a Cadburys factory and these brownies make me so nostalgic!). It can easily be adapted to be less naughty.

“I made these brownies yesterday. They turned out so awesomely delicious I want to eat them all at once!!” – Olga

Milk Chocolate Brownies



7. Creamy Coconut Millet Porridge (Gluten Free/Vegan)

A super healthy, super creamy breakfast porridge that feels a little luxe when you add the toasted pistachios and dark chocolate. Yum!

“I think I’ve fallen for millet, thanks to this simple and perfectly comforting recipe. I’ve had millet when it still has a crunch, and It is definitely worth the wait, to find its creamy side. This is going to be a regularly appearing breakfast dish on my table. Thank you.” – H



8. Old Fashioned Apple Crumble

The only Apple Crumble Recipe you will ever need. Promise!

“OH MY! THIS IS THE MOST DELICIOUS THING I HAVE EVER TRIED! The brown sugar made it all caramel-y and it was just so divine with ice cream!” – Michaela



9. Spicy Cauliflower Falafel With Beetroot Dip (Gluten Free/Vegan)

These incredible vegan cauliflower falafels made with wholesome spelt flour and almond meal are a party-stopper. Always make extra as these disappear very fast and everyone asks for the recipe.

“My husband asked me why i bought three litres of oil today. ???? I told him we would be making these falafels all weekend long. ???? Gorgeous recipe, and that dip… wow!” – Debs



10. Banana And Coconut Milk Bread

A delicious banana bread recipe that I started baking with just coconut milk instead of butter. It has evolved quite a bit in the years since and I now bake it with spelt flour, coconut milk and unrefined sugar. A truly lovely loaf with a beautiful crumb perfect for toasting and freezing.

“I have made countless banana bread recipes over the years in my search for ‘the one’ and I think this is it! So far I’ve made it at least half a dozen times. I have even added it to my recipe book!
I bake mine with spelt flour and I only use 1/3c rapadura sugar, I find it to be quite sweet enough. Today I am going to try making it completely vegan by using a chia egg (as I have no eggs – thanks to my lazy chickens!)
Thank you for sharing!” – Nichole













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I love creating easy, vibrant, fresh, everyday recipes and taking gorgeous photos of the food I cook. I have been blogging for 15 years and I have also written a book with over 100 new recipes. If you make a recipe from the blog, Tag @cookrepublic on Instagram. I would love to see!


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