A Peek Inside Brasserie Bread's Artisan Bread Making Process
Hi All,
I arrived safe and sound in Botany in Sydney’s south east today. This place is quite unique with low warehouse style buildings on either side of the snaking Botany Road. Found the Brasserie Bread Artisan Bakery straight away. Chatted with Gus over a delicious tart and coffee while waiting for the class to begin. Pleasantly surprised to find fellow bloggers Jen, Vivian, Lau, Chanel, Clarissa, Corrine and Shierly at the class. It was good to finally meet Sarah after having emailed her a couple of times. Matt Brock conducted the Artisan Baking Seeds And Grain workshop with an infectious enthusiasm. It was lovely to see his love and passion for bread baking. He expertly taught us to mix, knead, rest and bake a Multigrain Struan, dinner rolls, an epi and a baguette. I especially enjoyed branding the bread, a process where we slashed the bread to create a fault in it. Matt kept us entertained with stories and the history and science behind each process. While the breads baked, we went on a delightful little tour of the bread factory and saw the artisan bakers and pastry chefs in action. With blue hair nets and a cautious step on the slippery flour dusted floor, we explored and revelled in the sights, sounds and smells of the bread making process. We came back to enjoy delicious breads, a cheese platter and some wine. I brought home a bag full of absolutely stunning looking bread that I baked myself. It is hard to believe I actually baked all this lovely bread. The three hour workshop was one of the best experiences of my life and it taught and inspired me so much. Since the class, I have baked numerous batches of baguettes and even given them out to my friends, warm from the oven and rolled in the day’s newspaper. If you are in Sydney, you absolutely must head to Brasserie Bread for their perfect coffee and delicious cafe food. If you have more time and have watched the Ratatouille Bread Scene over and over again, you must try their Bread Making Workshops. They will change your life. I promise!
P.S. – Thank you Sarah & Brasserie Bread for inviting me to my first ever bread baking class. You have only increased my love of bread!!
Brasserie Bread Artisan Bakery
Brasserie Bread
Brasserie Bread
Brasserie Bread
Brasserie Bread
Brasserie Bread
Fresh yeast
Getting our tastebuds going!
This is the Epi!
Bloggers & photographers!
Hand modelling some dough.
Matt sections the dough.
Roll the baguette!
Rolling Tight!
Baking our rounds!
Moi! With my tray!
Soft ripened cheese fondue-d in the oven with herbs and wine!
Heading into the bread factory!
Each loaf turned by hand! Artisan baking at its best!
The tour!
Garlic Bread!
Bread Trays
Bloggers Descend in the factory!
Piping pastry
The Process
Bread Cloths
Bread Trays
The Dough Room
Head baker and apprentice!
Dough balls.
Final Rise.
Bread tasting.
My tray.
The Bread I Baked!