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Zucchini And Sweet Potato Slice

  When my boys were little and eating well (or even eating for that matter) was the farthest things from their minds, friends with older kids would always encourage me to have hope because they had older boys that single-handedly demolished their fridges and pantries every month. I used to smile indulgently wondering  how that could even be possible with my two. And then my first born went through a growth spurt and arrived at the thr... Read More >>

A Wet Weekend, A Python And Sweet Corn Chowder

If I were a colour, I would be brown. Although I say that I love white and black (that is the photographer in me talking), I gravitate towards everything brown. Autumn with its russet coloured carpets, warm brown breads laid out on hessian at farmer's markets, chestnuts, camel hued clothes, almost bare branches with crumply brown leaves barely hanging on for dear life, fresh cakes with golden tops, gorgeous dark wood chairs with coloured cushio... Read More >>

Potato Bacon And Egg Grill Sandwich

I did a hearty and warm salad for dinner last night. No pasta and no rice, I thought to myself. I whipped up a hot pot of pumpkin and potato soup. Drawing inspiration from a Lyonnaise salad that I make quite often, I decided to make a warm version of it with some meat. I had a pack of bacon bits conveniently sitting in the fridge . We all enjoyed the warm salad and it was very more-ish indeed on that chilly evening along with a hot cup of coup.... Read More >>