Malai Peda – Indian Cream Fudge

  It is Diwali today, the Indian festival of lights. Mythologically, there are many stories revolving around the festival. The most famous by far would be the celebration of the death of a demon and the return of a king. When the king killed the demon and returned to his kingdom with his rescued wife, the people of the kingdom lit up their homes and streets with lamps to welcome him. As a child who was a budding foodie even then, Diwali m... Read More >>
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8-Minute Microwave Mango And Saffron Fudge

I am slowly and laboriously undertaking the task of transfering over 300 recipes from my site to the blog. The 300 recipes were cooked, tried and tested over a period of 3 years. I have realized that it is getting increasingly hard to maintain my recipes on two different platforms. My wordpress blog wins even though Nick made a fantastic system of recipe filing and tags on the website. I hope to bring some of that wonderful functionality to thi... Read More >>