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Pistachio Matcha Snack Balls

There can never be too much a of a good thing. Like a daily good habit or a beautiful song on repeat. Like a weekly family ritual that never grows old, like a trusty old recipe that uplifts your soul. It is knowing these good things and collecting them as you go about your daily life that makes life itself more worthwhile. I have a trusty old recipe, a delicious nut cake full of energy and vitality that gets baked in my kitchen regularly. Lik... Read More >>

Matcha Coconut And Chia Pudding

My love for matcha is legendary. At least here on the blog. An acquired taste, matcha is the fine ground powder of a specially grown green tea. Grown in the shade away from direct sunlight, the tender leaves of the green tea are grown for a mere three weeks before harvesting. The delicate tea that results from this process is a gorgeous dark shade and has increased amounts of chlorophyll due to the absence of the sun. The leaves are hand pick... Read More >>

Raspberry Matcha Lime And Cream Popsicles

How fun are these tri-coloured, vibrant fruit and cream popsicles? Raspberry, Matcha, Lime & Cream. Each layer is a revelation of flavour that come together in an explosion of mouthwatering delight. I love fun popsicles. Especially layered ones. The fancier the flavour, the more likely I am to make a beeline for those at the local markets. Although I always thought that making them would be fiddly. So I have stuck to making single flavoured... Read More >>

Coconut And Matcha Teacakes

  I am not superstitious by any means but over the years I have come to believe in the cycle of good and bad. There is good, followed by bad. Like day after night. Like happiness after a blanket of misery. And then I have come to believe in the power of three. Just when I am least expecting it, good things happen in threes and sometimes bad things do too. A few weeks ago I hit a crippling creative block. A little doodle I drew of a deer... Read More >>