Gingerbread Tiramisu

If there is one dessert you will make for Christmas, let it be this one. A Gingerbread Tiramisu that can be dressed up as a spectacular slab cake or in a small army of individual glass dessert cups as a rustic after dinner treat that you won't be able to resist. This is my favourite dessert, the one that shall pass my lips on my last day if there is time for it. It is so popular in our home that I make it once every couple of months. Come C... Read More >>

Milk Chocolate Popcorn With Sprinkles

  When I was growing up, we only had popcorn at the movies. Twice, maybe thrice a year. Life was simple. Yet, that was enough to fuse a strand of thought in my head. One that connected popcorn with movies. One that compels me to make a batch of popcorn when we have family movie afternoons or crave a tub of overly salty, often cold popcorn when we have a movie date at Event Cinemas. Quite honestly, the popcorn in Australia leaves a lot t... Read More >>

Fiery Prawns On Wonton Crisps

   We had a dark and wet dungeon in the middle of our vegetable and fruit market in the little lake suburb I lived in back in India.  At least, that is what I thought it was when I was a little girl nimbly climbing down the massive wet stone steps into what seemed like a dark and very smelly (and noisy) space. To a seemingly unassuming and harried adult (like my dad), it was simply the fish market.       O... Read More >>

Pacific Oysters With Frozen Mango And Chilli Dressing

  It feels like summer in Sydney today. The mercury almost crept up to 38C where I live. Our towering trees have kept the house cool. I started the day with a mango smoothie so thick, you could only have it by scooping with a spoon. That cooled me down. Now that the cookbook is in the final stages of production, I seem to be getting a handle on life. Things have slowed down considerably in comparison and it is such a relief. I am develo... Read More >>

Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake Pots And How To Make Lemon Peel Powder

  This has been my kitchen for 6 years.       This is my kitchen this morning and has been for the past two weeks as I write the book.     This little bench is like my island in the vast ocean. Everything I have, everything I know and everything I aspire to do all comes down to this little bench. From the chaos that prevails on this stainless steel counter, rises creativity. And occasionally, a sense of... Read More >>

Chocolate Nutella Pots With Boozy Cream

    This planet is a very special place. For a number of reasons. One of them is chocolate. And the other is egg. They both make men weak and women swoon, especially if they are molten and runny. How many brown and yellow things can boast of that? We can't always buy a hug, but we sure can buy a little bit of chocolate or fry an egg.      I thought hard and long about what ingredient was essential to me in the ki... Read More >>