TGIF. Toes Go In First. A Favourites List.

Cook Republic Files Vol 2
TGIF. Toes Go In First. That is what I have always thought it was. Imagine then, my surprise when I saw all the young people constantly posting that on Facebook and Twitter all the time, especially just before the weekend. "Young people are strange!" I thought. But then curiosity got the better of me and I googled it. That is when I was glad, that I had never said or written TGIF in public, because Toes Go In First was definitely not what it was.
Thank God It’s Friday. TGIF. How could I have not known that? Firstly, in my defence I have always worked from home, from under a rock and many a times I am quite clueless to what is going on in the much more happening and trendier world outside of my rock. And secondly, I have never had a living person I knew either say that to my face or text me – TGIF. Now where in the world did I get the impression that it was Toes Go In First, you ask? Well, I’d rather not say.

So it was Friday yesterday and I give my thanks duly. I also bring you the long overdue second volume of Cook Republic Files, a list of some of my current favourites and obsessions. 

This cookie cutter. This blog. This recipe. This watch. This tray.

Converse Marimekko.

Paint Can Ice Bucket.

Egg Pants at Mr. Sparrow.

Lucky Peach Magazine.

Keepsakes – A Recipe Scrapbook & Designer’s Dream.

DIY Paper Popsicle Memory Game.

Baker’s Tray By Mark Tuckey.

Feast Magazine by SBS.

Branch teaspoons at Leif.

Doily storage tin.

This Melbourne Photo Feature.

Fossil Camera Charm.

Botaniska tote bag from Kikki.k.

Modern Nostalgia cereal bowl from Donna Hay.




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