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Top 10 Recipes Of 2019

by | Dec 31, 2019 | 2 comments

Top 10 Recipes Of 2019

2019 started out strong with lots of cooking and new recipes being shared on the blog. The middle of the year knocked the wind out of us. With a life-changing event and several tough months, the blog was left in the lurch; all alone. Towards the end of 2019, getting back to blogging and sharing recipes felt cathartic. I had missed doing that and was happy to be cooking, writing and photographing.

You have loved these recipes on the blog this year. All good choices, I must say! And I hope you continue to cook from the blog in the coming weeks. I am hoping 2020 is healthful for us and for you all. And in that spirit, I am looking forward to sharing really vibrant and healthy recipes for you starting later this week.

Top 10 Most Popular Recipes From 2019

Bourke Street Bakery Dark Chocolate And Raspberry Muffins - Cook Republic #vegetarian #bakingrecipes #foodphotography

1. Bourke Street Bakery Dark Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

A good, solid fruit muffin with a bit of dark chocolate decadence especially for Monday mornings. This is one of our favourite muffins at home and is built on a butter and spelt flour base with some Greek yoghurt to swirl it all. Freezes well and goes perfectly with a cup of coffee.


Vegan Beetroot Carpaccio With Zesty Broccoli Crumb - Cook Republic #vegan #easyrecipe #heathyrecipe #glutenfree #beetroot

2. Vegan Beetroot Quinoa Burger

A highly nutritious, flavor-packed vegan burger recipe that is delicious and moist through and through. Grated raw beetroot comes to life with a bunch of interesting spices and herbs. Freezes well and makes a great work lunchbox option.

“Thank you for this recipe! I was going to freeze the leftovers but we enjoyed the burgers so much that we ate them two nights in a row instead. I’ll definitely be making these again” – Tatiana


Green Garlic Spinach Flatbreads - Cook Republic #vegan #healthyrecipe #sodastream

3. Vegan Green Garlic Spinach Flatbread

Green dough made instantly by blending lots of spinach, garlic, herbs and sparkling water. Stacks of green flatbreads or rotis keep well in the fridge and are great for wrapping salads, falafels and beetroot burgers or dipping and scooping your favourite tahini dip! A winning recipe!


Vegan Makhani Curry Sauce - Cook Republic #vegan #healthyrecipe #foodphotography #glutenfree

4. Vegan Makhani Curry Sauce

A veganized version of the famous butter chicken sauce. MAde in less than 30 minutes, this sauce freezes really well and is great for adding anything you like to it for an instant delicious healthier curry – grilled veggies or crispy tofu!

“Wow what a delicious recipe!! I made the sauce and served it over roasted vegetables for me and chicken for the family along with your turmeric dahl. Both were so delicious and will be a staple. Thank you so much for sharing.” – Amanda


Salted Chocolate Chip Spelt Cookies - Cook Republic #baking #cookies #foodphotography

5. Salted Chocolate Chip Spelt Cookies

The most delicious, foolproof chocolate chip recipe there was. And the only one you will ever need. Makes a big giant batch and is utterly addictive. It is one of the first things I bake when school holidays begin!

“Well, I can say that it turns out this recipe only makes enough for one person lol! These are way good. Thanks for sharing!” – Hayden


Thai Green Curry Fishcakes - Cook Republic

6. Thai Green Curry Fishcakes

Fishcakes like you have never tasted them before. Plump and packed with big green flavours. And none of the oiliness of restaurant fishcakes. Wrap in lettuce. Eat and repeat!


Kale Mushroom Cashew Stir Fry - Cook Republic #vegan #glutenfree

7. Kale Mushroom Cashew Stir-Fry

A super delicious, super healthy veggie stir-fry with yummy sticky Chinese flavours and the crunch of roasted golden cashewnuts.

“I made this for work lunches this week. It was quick, really tasty, and is good reheated. I love kale and cauliflower, but have never thought to put them in a stir fry before! Will definitely make again.” – Fiona


Vegan Chickpea And Veggie Bread - Cook Republic #vegan #glutenfree #healthyrecipe

8. Instant Chickpea Bread

A beautiful golden gluten-free turmeric cornbread topped with golden nuts and seeds. Big flavours and perfect for slathering with green chutney.


Passionfruit Margarita - Cook Republic #cocktail #vegan #foodphotography

9. Passionfruit Margarita

A super easy and delicious passion fruit cocktail for warm balmy evenings. One of our go-to cocktails in summer!


Parsi Egg - Cook Republic #vegetarian #breakfast #foodphotography

10. Parsi Egg

A one-pan sticky caramelized onion and tomato concoction topped with eggs that set slowly. An heirloom recipe that is equally delicious as breakfast or dinner!


And finally, these are the top all-time favourite recipes on the blog. They are the most viewed, most cooked, most loved recipes year after year. And they are also some of my own personal favourite recipes that are in heavy rotation in my weekly cooking schedule. Have you made any of these?

Top 10 All-Time Favourite Recipes

Homemade Spinach & Feta Gozleme

Vegan Miso Glazed Eggplant (Nasu Dengaku)

5-Ingredient Vegan Almond & Tahini Cookies

Vegan Dal Makhani

Old Fashioned Apple Crumble

Zucchini And Sweet Potato Slice

Coffee And Cream Pavlova

Chickpea And Coconut Korma Curry With Pumpkin

Cauliflower Steak With Olive And Caper Salsa

Rainbow Veggie Coconut Dal


And with that, another year of cooking and eating comes to a close. I hope you have enjoyed hanging out here on the blog and gotten inspired by some of the recipes I have shared. I am looking forward to bringing you lots of new, easy, delicious, nutritious veggie-packed recipes in 2020. Thank you for your support and for being a part of my little cooking world. Happy New Year! x

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    What a lovely wrap-up for the year Sneh – And great reminders of recipes I’ve been meaning to try and still need to! Hoping that you have a less tumultuous 2020 and that your hubby is recovering well. Xx


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