February 2009

Month: February 2009

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Tessa Kiros Inspired Oat Cookies

I realized earlier today that my cookie supply needed to be replenished . I went through a couple of cookbooks till a recipe for simple oat cookies from Tessa Kiros's *Apples For Jam* caught my eye. Picking a recipe you really like, from a gazillion recipes is quite a mean task. It all eventually boils down to the randomness of it all and of course the presentation. This time around I have followed the recipe almost verbatim, but I plan to make... Read More >>

Roasted Pumpkin And Chickpea Soup

  After the mad heat of the past few weeks, the weather has cooled down a bit as we head into autumn soon. The chill in the air is beginning to get cooler and the wet weather begs for something heartwarming in a cuppa. Pumpkins are beginning to show up in abundance at the local markets and greengrocers. I scored a lovely little butternut pumpkin last week and was browsing for simple recipes that would be very quick to make, since I was pr... Read More >>

Jam Frangipane Drops

What is "Frangipane" you ask? If you are anything like me, you wouldn't know what it meant and would silently chuckle after the only word that comes to mind is a "frangipani". And if there is no word like "frangipani" in you dictionary, I seriously can't help you. So Frangipane ... It is a pastry filling made of butter, eggs, flour, and finely ground almonds. From browsing numerous food dictionaries on the internet... Read More >>