Welcome to my cooking blog about eating a simple life where I have journaled over 550 easy, delicious and nourishing recipes over the course of 12 years. My collection of weekly fresh recipes are mostly vegetarian (a lot of them gluten free and vegan) and always family friendly!

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Roasted Cauliflower Hummus - Cook Republic

Roasted Cauliflower Hummus

About four years ago, our local market got a new stall. A lovely Persian man selling the most divine Middle-Eastern dips. They became the talk of our then-active book club and the star of many of our monthly brunches. All were vegetarian, gluten and dairy free and brimming with delicious flavours of exotic spices. Out of all the ones I would bring back home with me every week, the cauliflower dip was my absolute favourite. And that is what it was called. Cauliflower Dip. After a year or so, I decided it was time to save a bit of money and try making it at home since we had graduated to polishing off not one but two tubs of this dip every ... Read More >>
My Most Popular Recipes -2017

My Most Popular Recipes For 2017

  It was a year ago that I was baking my very first Christmas Pavlova although it feels like only yesterday. Where did 2017 go? It was a year of ups and downs for us as it always is. A year where I spent a lot of time in the kitchen cooking delicious healthy meals for the whole family. And truly slowing down enough to focus on the important things and spend more time here on the blog. Hope it was delicious and fruitful for you too. On the eve of the New Year, I thought it would be nice to see what you loved the most on my blog in 2017. So here is a little list of my most popular recipes in 2017 that you visited, cooked from and ho... Read More >>
Vegan Chickpea Masala Omelette - Cook Republic #glutenfree #vegan

Vegan Chickpea Masala Omelette

I was first introduced to an eggless (vegan) omelette as a child. I must've been four or five years old when mum presented Tomato Omelette one Sunday morning after I had watched the newest episode of Star Trek on telly. I actually have a very vivid memory of that day and the excitement of a new omelette variation as I was a complete and utter egg fiend and omelette was my jam. But the whole breakfast was a sham. When I tasted the omelette, it wasn't fluffy at all. I was annoyed with mum for passing it off as an omelette with every fibre of my five year old self. I didn't quite enjoy being tricked into eating an omelette that had no egg in... Read More >>
Coffee Chocolate Face Polish & Coffee Coconut Body Scrub - Cook Republic #vegan #beautydiy

Homemade Coffee Chocolate Face Polish And Coffee Coconut Body Scrub

One of my lifelong evolving passion has been to make small positive changes every day in order to lead a simpler and more fulfilled life. These small changes are driven by the need to connect with the physicality of my surroundings – the earth, the air, the water, the trees, the birds and the bees. It is a work in progress in a bid to waste less, reuse and recycle more and finding purpose in spent things in order to stretch the boundaries of our sustainability a bit more. There is a place for everything old and new in your life, the question is whether you can come up with enough creative ways to make it slip and slide into place like a w... Read More >>
Kiwifruit Mint And Cardamom Lassi - Cook Republic

Kiwifruit Mint And Cardamom Lassi

Lately, after discovering the immense health benefits of kiwi fruit, I have been trying to incorporate it more in my recipes. I am not a big fruit lover. Especially ones that need a bit of a peel or prep. I hate cutting and prepping fruit. I probably can assign that blame to mum who used to lovingly prepare gorgeous fruit platters with fruit cut up in lovely shapes thereby making us too lazy to cut it ourselves. But mid-life has brought many surprises and amongst them is the sheer pleasure in prepping and cutting fruit. Sometimes, I don't even recognise the person I have become especially when I am preparing these raw kiwi tacos or playin... Read More >>
Hazelnut Cacao Cake - Cook Republic #glutenfree #vegetarian

Hazelnut Cacao Cake

This is one of those incredibly simple cakes with only six main ingredients that if you make once, you'll want to make every week from then on. A recipe I created for my workshops back in 2015, it was a staunch favourite with everyone who tasted it at morning tea during the workshops. This rustic but moist Hazelnut Cacao Cake was gluten free, low in sugar (unrefined), extremely fuss-free one-bowl in nature and tasted like Nutella batter. No wonder everyone wanted the recipe! For the better part of the past two years, I have been sending people pictures of my hand written recipe as I never got around to posting it on the blog despite makin... Read More >>