September 2009

Month: September 2009

Baked Ricotta And Mars Bar Hotcakes

  These past two weeks have been a whirlwind for me. Projects, kids, bus trips, socializing, gym, landscaping and the usual daily grind have kept me on my toes and I haven't been posting on the blog nearly as much as I would like to. I have been cooking though and really fun things at that too. We felt like comfort food on Sunday, so breakfast was inspired by sweet things we could find in the pantry and fridge. Pancakes!! said the kids. So ... Read More >>
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Express Espresso Tia Maria Tiramisu

  With a title so lyrical, how can you not be tempted? Last night in a moment of insanity that only extreme lovers of food and all things sweet exhibit, I decided to make tiramisu at 10.30pm. I had had a long day, had just finished working and posting on my other blog and as dinner was being heated, I craved tiramisu so bad, it made me want to cry. Unreasonable? Maybe, maybe no. I browsed through a few tiramisu recipes and didn't really lik... Read More >>