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Paper Scraps Vol 10 : All About Miso

Miso is a Japanese condiment made from slowly fermented soy beans. To make miso, cooked soy beans are mixed with salt, water and a starter culture known as koji, which is cultivated in barley, rice or soy beans. Before being ground into a paste, the mixture is aged for between six months and three years. Th... Read More >>

Hot Cranberry Scones

When I was living in Singapore, one of my favourite bakeries to visit was "Four Leaves". They had amazing cakes and a delicious array of baked buns and goodies. I surprise myself when I say this but I think Singapore had better bakeries and a mind boggling variety of freshly baked goodies than I have seen... Read More >>
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Ginger And I

I have a deep-rooted bond with ginger, no pun intended! Like my PC, it is something I cannot do without for even a single day. So come winter when the ginger prices in Sydney shoot through the supermarket roofs and it becomes more and more scarce, I get very grumpy. I need it in my daily cuppa of 'Adrak Chai'. I need i... Read More >>
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In Search Of The Perfect Khaman Dhoklas

I have been wanting to perfect a Khaman Dhokla recipe for years and have tried out many versions over the years with good and virtually unedible results. But I knew I had hit a pot of gold when I asked my mum to demonstrate her Instant Rawa Dhoklas for me over Christmas last year. I swear by this recipe!! I really d... Read More >>