October 2011


American Chopsuey

Indo Chinese is a very interesting cuisine. It is also one of the tastiest versions of Chinese fusion food. Adapted for the colourful and adventurous Indian palate, Indo Chinese has a lot of chili, a lot of tang and a lot of oomph. One of the most popular dishes on the menu of a restaurant serving Indian Chinese is a... Read More >>

Postcards From Brasserie Bread, Sydney

  Hi All,   I arrived safe and sound in Botany in Sydney's south east today. This place is quite unique with low warehouse style buildings on either side of the snaking Botany Road. Found the Brasserie Bread Artisan Bakery straight away. Chatted with Gus over a delicious tart and coffee while waiting f... Read More >>

The Chook House

  Over the years I have become an advocate of eating healthier, buying local, living smaller (well this one is not really true although my intentions are noble) and getting back to the grass roots. Two years ago we started our first veggie patch after sporadically growing herbs and carrots all over the yard in ... Read More >>

Little Brown Bread

  A few wednesdays ago, Gummi Bear announced that he was going to bake bread. He didn't seem to care whether I was on board or not. He then proceeded to the kitchen and fished for a bowl. Next, he grabbed a wooden spoon and a stool in quick succession. After hoisting himself on the stool, so his tiny three year... Read More >>