Burnt Butter Caramel Slice

Burnt butter has always had a fancy schmancy ring to it for me. I have never tasted anything burnt butter, at least not anything that was pre-meditated. And that is exactly what happened what I set out to make this slice earlier this week. My goal was to make a classic chocolate caramel slice. That was pre-meditated. What happened after that wasn't. A chocolate caramel slice is one of the simplest sweet treats you will ever make and it is addictive and thoroughly fantastic. It has only 3 steps and if you follow them, you are golden. A no brainer really. The first is a cookie layer that is baked for a set amount of time, the second is a caramel layer that is baked for a set amoun... Read More >>

Golden Chicken Wings With Ginger Caramel Chili Sauce

  The weather has turned like clockwork and the new leaves not only say “Hark! Spring is here.” but also stir a very rational urge to eat lighter and healthier. I often find that lighter and healthier food is more packed with flavour. It is but natural that what it lacks in richness is compensated by an explosion of flavours. Another advantage of lighter food is that it is extremely quick to put together. Hence lightweight lunches are the hallmark of spring.   Post Sponsored By Nuffnang.         A mid week meal for me is usually a healthy sandwich, noodles and soup or a vegetarian omelette. But when the man of the house works from home, l... Read More >>

Feast Magazine By SBS Review And Giveaway. Win 2 Copies!

  Watch out cooking world! There is a new kid on the food magazine block and "it" is gorgeous. Feast magazine launched by SBS last month in Australia is a reflection and extension of the television channel, exploring the rich cultural aspect of food from around the world.    Just as the name suggests, the magazine is a Feast for your eyes. The cover of Issue 1 is striking with Luke Nguyen's casual noodle slurping photo in a red tee shouting out from the magazine rack at the newsagent "Pick Me! Pick Me!". Staying true to their motto of Experiencing Life Through Food, SBS offers a wealth of information, eye candy and recipes for a mere $6.50.   &n... Read More >>

Dark Chocolate Sunflower Bundt Cake

I find baking in bundt pans very fiddly. I like ogling at cake pictures on sites like Sweetapolita and wondering "How the heck does she manage to get it out of that bundt completely intact?". See that is my biggest problem with bundt pans. No matter how well I grease and flour them, some stubborn nook and cranny will just refuse to release the cake and make me happy. Instead, I will have to carefully pick the piece of cake that got stuck with a pair of food grade tweezers (Oh, who am I kidding! I just use a chopstick to scrape it out!) and then sculpt it back on the cake so you guys can wonder "Now how the heck did she manage to get the cake out of the bundt pan intact?" Despite t... Read More >>

Olive Parmesan And Herb Loaf

I promise myself before I start writing a new post that I will not talk about the weather. I really promise myself. But then I start writing and weather is the first thing that pops up in my mind. I read somewhere on a delicious looking blog that weather is all people really talk about. It is the ultimate ice breaker in any conversation in any country. It is fascinating how people turn into regular weathermen or women the minute they comment on the weather. Its like they have some divine insight into it. "Its beautiful today, isn't it? Gorgeous sun .." Then without skipping a beat, their happy smile starts resembling a scowl and they lower their voice and become really siniste... Read More >>

38 Confessions Of A Food Blogger And Foodie

  I cannot peel a boiled egg without giving it cellulite. I have panic attacks before icing a cake for a special occasion.  I cannot sleep if I fail at a recipe, making batch after batch till I get it right. My kitchen looks like a catering house for a party of 60 when that happens. I need therapy for my cookbook addiction. I think I buy more cookbooks every month than I cook from (Yes, I am blaming marketing departments of those darned publishing houses). In my next life, I would like to be a pastry chef. I might be single handedly responsible for the zillion page hits bookdepository.com gets everyday after I indulge myself virtual window shopping... Read More >>

Pick Me Up Veggie Muffins

  When I started writing this post, I mulled and mulled over what I would call these muffins. Healthy Muffins? Green Muffins? Veggie Power Muffins? Believe me, I mulled a lot. Then I called them Pick Me Up Veggie Muffins, because not only were they totally tempting to look at, but one of these babies for breakfast was the perfect pick-me-up I needed on a blah Monday morning. Fuelled me up till lunch!         I originally found this recipe online and tweaked it a lot to make it more fussy-kid and hungry-adult friendly. I also wanted it to look great. That is part of my sneak-in-veggies strategy nowadays. Make it look so delectable, you won't worry about whet... Read More >>

Lebkuchen – German Christmas Ginger Cookies

  I recently got sent two volumes of a brand new baking repository. A limited edition, 60-part series that comprises of modernised classics and is accompanied by various types of gorgeous silicon bakeware. It is called Baked And Delicious. To test run the first volume, I decided to bake a batch of German spice cookies called Lebkuchen.       Lebkuchen (pronounced leb-koo-ken, as kindly pointed out by my German friend Petra) are traditional German Christmas cookies, resembling gingerbread and were invented by medieval German monks to celebrate the festive season. They are baked with spices and honey or treacle for sweetening. I have never had lebkuchen before, so ... Read More >>
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