Coffee Nut Milk

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Coffee Nut Milk - Cook Republic


My mum always replied with "The person who cooks can't really eat much!" when we admonished her for not digging in with gusto,   a delicious meal she had toiled over. As a child, I never understood that. Even less when I was in my teens and my expanding tastebuds had suddenly opened up a whole new world of flavour sensations for me. How could someone not want to stuff their face with a dish so divine, you could smell it miles away.  When I grew up and acquired a family of my own, cooking became second nature. I cooked everyday and because of the work I did, several times a day. The divine smells, the exciting aromas were always tantalising - still are. But they also have an appetite killing property. When you smell something for hours, it fools your stomach into thinking you have actually eaten it. You feel full but satisfied? - probably not. It was then that I fully understood what my mum was trying to say to us all those years ago. The person who is constantly cooking, can't eat much. And it is probably a good thing. Can you imagine my small framed body being able to take on all the food I cook? I graze. And I think between my main meals which I am striving to eat mindfully, it is sufficient.


Coffee Nut Milk - Cook Republic


There will be a day in between months of food and more food. A day when I won't feel like eating but rather nourishing my body without eating. A spring clean. They call it a cleanse. I did a 3 day cleanse for the first time earlier this year in winter! (sheer madness I tell you because I just couldn't get warm). And then I have been doing a simple one-day cleanse at home every other month. My cleanses are not rigid. I still have a piece of salmon or egg along with the 8-10 bottle of veggie and fruit juices and smoothies. And I have coffee. I couldn't do without it. Honestly if I had to go without it, I would've nodded off two paragraphs ago.

So coffee. With milk. Hot. Frothy. A great pick-me-up. But negates the clean and calm feeling I slip into during a juice/smoothie cleanse. With the weather promising (barely!) to warm up, I needed to create a coffee beverage which was nourishing and refreshing rather than being a good old punchy cup of pure java. That is for my everyday. So for the cleanse day, I created this gorgeous coffee beverage with a strong generous shot of my favourite Nespresso Coffee (Dharkan) and blended it with homemade almond milk, dates, pure vanilla extract and a pinch of salt. Voila! Coffee Nut Milk. A light and refreshing beverage that would please the gluten free/refined sugar free/vegan diet and also comes with that much needed caffeine kick. I am thinking, a post gym beverage amped with protein powder. A reason good enough (besides the steam room which I lust after) to haul my food loving bottom to the gym.


Coffee Nut Milk - Cook Republic


How To Make Coffee Nut Milk - Cook Republic


Coffee Nut Milk - Cook Republic


Did you know that there were 1001 ways in which Aussie coffee drinkers like to drink their coffee?? And that in Australia and NZ, 3 out 4 liked their coffee with milk?? When Nespresso approached me to create a milk based coffee beverage for their latest campaign, I wanted to do something unconventional. Inspired by the Pistachio Kulfi Milk recipe in my cookbook which is sensational and pretty as a picture(you must try it!), I created Coffee Nut Milk. The coffee milk's colour was unbelievable. Sultry brown with a glamorous edge. The dates and vanilla added to the oomph factor of this truly urban beverage. I now have two one-litre bottles sitting in my fridge. 

I love my Nespresso machine. I have the Titanium Gran Maestria. Even though you could make this gorgeous coffee milk with a organic, fair trade instant coffee (try Republica's coffee, I love it! ), how nice would it be to express a strong shot in a stunning coffee machine and even froth your almond milk in a little aerator attached to it? And that is why the lovely people at Nespresso are giving away a Pearl White Lattissima machine by Delonghi priced at $579 to one of you!


Coffee Nut Milk - Cook Republic


Coffee Nut Milk - Cook Republic


Coffee Nut Milk - Cook Republic


Coffee Almond Milk - Cook Republic


Coffee Almond Milk - Cook Republic


Coffee Almond Milk With Dates - Cook Republic







1. You MUST have an Australian postal address.

2. You MUST leave me a comment below starting with the words "Moo Moo Nuts!" and tell me "What about your daily coffee makes it special?" For eg, Nick makes me my first cup of coffee in the morning. He has for the past 19 years. Every single day barring a handful of days when we were traveling or not in the same house. To me, coffee is synonymous with him. Maybe the reason why I love coffee so much. Because he makes my coffee, it is something I look forward to every morning, my reason for hopping out of bed on a cold day!

3. The most creative/entertaining answer will of course win this glorious machine!

4. Please share this giveaway with your friends and families on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. Tag them if they are coffee fanatics!

5. Giveaway runs until September 9th, 2014. Winner will be announced on September 10th, 2014 on my Facebook page, so make sure you have liked it!

6. EXTRA - Nespresso is giving away more machines if you wanted to try your hand at winning them in a separate giveaway! Go to their Facebook page, create and share a coffee beverage using milk and share with the #NespressoCreations to be in the running. Don't forget to tag @Nespresso. 



Win Nespresso's Delonghi Lattissima Coffee Machine In Pearl White Worth $579 - Cook Republic


Good Luck guys! May the bean be with you!

Much love!




PS - Why are people using the term Mylk? Can anyone shed any light on this please? Google couldn't answer this for me!





COFFEE NUT MILK (vegan/ gluten free/ refined sugar free)

A refreshing coffee beverage made with almond milk and sweetened with dates.

Makes - 1.5 litres



1 cup (168g) almonds
 5 cups (1.25 litres) cold water
1/4 teaspoon salt
2/3rd cup (170ml) espresso coffee (I used Nespresso Dharkan, you could blend 2 tablespoons instant coffee in 2/3 cup of hot water)
10 pitted dates
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract



Place almonds in a bowl and cover them with boiling water. Soak overnight. Drain water and rinse almonds. They will feel plump and the skin will be loose enough to peel off. You may or may not peel the skin.

Place almonds in the jug of a blender or food processor with 5 cups of water and salt. Blend until smooth. Line a deep jug with a nut milk bag or muslin cloth. Pour the almond milk through the nut milk bag/muslin cloth. Gather the top of the bag and squeeze until all milk has been extracted from the almonds. You now have almond milk. The leftover almond meal can be used in baking or in curries and stews.

Place almond milk in a blender along with the espresso coffee, dates and vanilla extract. Blend until very smooth. Store in glass bottles in the fridge for up to two days.


My Notes

I use salt because it just lifts the flavour of the milk to a new level. It balances the sweetness of the dates perfectly. I also add salt to just my plain old nut milk. It rounds off the sweetness of the nuts.

This milk will keep for only about 2 days in the fridge. As it is preservative free, the shelf life isn't great but the quantity is small which helps in sustaining whatever little shelf life it has.






**** Winner Sharyn Williams - Announced 26th Sep 2014 ****





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  1. Jennifer B.

    Moo Moo Nuts!
    My morning coffee is my quiet time for reflecting that, once again, life is good as I have woken up alive... because many in this world haven't.
    And that good coffee is so affordable!

  2. Kelly Ciappara

    Moo Moo Nuts! What makes my morning coffee so special.... its special because my gorgeous boyfriend makes it for me... my latte always tastes better and sweeter than when I make it.... Maybe because he's made it with love and wanted to make it for me. Whereas, when I make it for myself, it's my first coffee of the day... it's made out of necessity rather than love!

  3. Olivia

    Daily coffee helps me get to work on time. Boss makes any latecomers dance in front of the office to a song of his choosing

  4. Michelle Anthony

    "Moo, moo, nuts! ~Creamy, almond flavour!
    Favourite morning coffee! ~Every sip I savour!
    Our local cafe's delight! ~For seconds, I'm always keen!
    Too costly though! Need a Nespresso Latissima machine!

  5. Bridget

    Moo Moo Nuts !
    My coffee need is there every day, but I only get one every week, when I spoil myself out doing the shopping. How cool to have this stunning machine on my bench and making my own barista coffee every day. Beautiful coffee that will satisfy my taste buds and make me a coffee star for my friends.

  6. Terri Todd

    Moo Moo Nuts! I used to make the morning coffees every morning, but now I have changed jobs and get to sleep in just a little bit more, now I take turns with my husband to make the morning coffees. I think it always tastes that much better when you get to stay in bed a bit longer and someone else makes the coffee. I get to wake up to the wonderful aroma to a coffee waiting for me, it's total bliss.


    "Moo Moo Nuts! is what would happen to me if i don't have my first morning coffee thats what makes it so special to me, it keeps me sane for the rest of the day!

  8. Kevin Kelly

    Moo Moo Nuts, the first cup to me is always the most enjoyable, the fresh aroma of the coffee drifts into the bedroom where the wife's still sleeping and I hear that voice calling "Coffee" , I expect it every morning and thats how it should be a man taking it into his wife

  9. Krystal Dee

    Moo Moo Nuts! Outstretched fingers, parted lips, dilated pupils my morning coffee calls my name until I lovingly, longingly embrace the hot porcelain mug filled with the invigorating nectar. The steam and aroma fight to reach my nose first as I hungrily yet cautiously take my first delicate delicious sip. Instantly satisfied I allow a sigh to escape my coffee kissed lips. My daily coffee is special because it's all mine.

  10. Sherry P

    Moo Moo Nuts!!
    Every morning coffee is special
    As it's made with love by my beautiful kids
    Taking turns each day to serve me my hot cuppa
    Along with a cuddle and kiss!

  11. Teena

    Moo Moo Nuts
    No ifs or buts
    Morning coffee is required
    So I am no longer tired
    And can go about my day
    Couldn't have it any other way!

  12. sonia c

    Moo Moo Nuts! My daily coffee is 40% caffeine and 60% atmosphere...the sitting outside people watch, the conversation (continued from the day before) with the barista, the "not having to order..he just knows" and being on nodding terms with most of the customers...thats what my morning coffee means to me.

  13. Maria

    Moo Moo Nuts.! Simply, whenever I have a cup of coffee, I smile!

  14. Caroline Kelly

    Moo Moo Nuts!

    The members of my household have a chance to engage each other about how our day is planned, relax and unwind before greeting the world at lightning speed.

  15. sharyn w

    Moo Moo Nuts is my new name
    and a coffee first up with my hubby is our very special morning game.
    Either hubby or myself make a coffee as soon as we awake,
    and we sit together drinking our coffee and talking about the day ahead and what we hope to do or make.
    This special coffee time is our “time out” together in our busy world you see,
    with work and children we often don’t get to spend as much time together as we should as it’s hard to find time that is free.
    So this special coffee time is not an occasional thing but to us it is a "forever",
    as this special coffee time is our way of life which we will continue to do while we are alive together 🙂

  16. Donna

    Moo Moo Nuts.
    Coffee is like my meditation in the morning ( or any time really ). It prepares me for whatever the day might bring. I love to take time out with my smooth cup of deliciousness in the warm sun and then I'm ready for an amazing day.

  17. Helena Leung

    Moo Moo Nuts! (<--- This sounds nuts!)

    OK, so let me start off by saying that I have never drunk so much coffee in my life as I have since having children. My daily coffee is not made by a handsome, dark skinned barista in some organic, hipster, cafe in Newtown, but by yours truly, standing wearily in the kitchen, frantically boiling the kettle while hiding from the kids. I don't own a fancy coffee machine so it's instant coffee thrown in with a teaspoon of sugar, and if I want to spoil myself, a dash of milo, and if I'm feeling EXTRA indulgent, I'll melt a Lindt ball along with all of that. I'll only fill the mug half way with hot water and the rest of the way with cold milk, so I can gulp it all down as quickly as possible, before those tiny hands pry open the kitchen door and catch me relaxing (how dare I!!) If my 3 year old finds me with a cup of coffee in hand she'll promptly demand a sip, which I have been known to give her (don't judge) so I am probably helping to raise the next generation of coffee lovers. Nespresso should thank me!!

  18. sha bana

    Moo Moo Nuts! I used to only drink Farmer's Union Iced Coffee,
    until he brewed me a cup and I fell under his spell,
    and now I can't start my day without a kiss from his lips and his cup of joe.

  19. Dean

    Moo moo nuts.

    To tell you why I love
    My daily coffee routine
    You need to know the backstory
    Allow me to set the scene

    Going back three years
    I was morbidly obese
    Drove everywhere, no exercise
    My diet was sugar and grease

    Til one day my fiancée
    Came to me and confessed
    “I’ve been throwing up all day and
    There’s two lines on the test!”

    From that day on I took a vow
    To get my health on track
    Say “yes” to cleaner eating
    And “no” to midnight snacks

    And here I am, a healthy shadow
    Of the man I used to be
    But the one vice I just could not shake
    Was my daily cup of coffee

    So instead of denial, I decided
    Coffee’s not an aberration
    But something that I can enjoy
    (of course, in moderation!)

    So for a daily coffee fix,
    No matter where I am,
    I set aside five minutes or so
    And enjoy a Tim Tam Slam.

  20. Garreth Jones

    Moo Moo Nuts!
    Everyday coffee, its more than a treat, but not an obsession. I'm not addicted, i can stop whenever i want to, i can, but i won't.
    I shake because i choose to, stop judging me. Coffee is life, no. Life is coffee. All this coffee talk is giving me a .......
    I need a coffee.

  21. Fi Raw

    Moo Moo Nuts! I'm so spoilt - I get my coffee hand delivered to me by our volunteers at work - we put in our orders and they fetch it from our local cafe once a week which is the best Coffee and best value in town. I order a decaf latte extra hot and the local baristas never fail me. We stop and drink our coffee and have a great laugh! our volunteers are local cafe are amazing!

  22. SallyJ

    Moo Moo Nuts!
    Ode To Nespresso;
    Eat the rainbow they say,
    Dont eat brown foods, you hear them persuade,
    Coffee and chocolate has that beat,
    There is nothing better as an afternoon treat!
    I avoid dairy, no MOO MOO for me,
    Nut Mylk is much better you see!
    Nespresso is my choice when it comes to espresso,
    Just pop in a capsule, no need to tamper,
    30 seconds later and your ready to pamper!
    Best of all, its nice and compact,
    A perfect addition to any Cooks Pantry!

  23. Nick

    Moo Moo Nuts ! Cafe Late keeps me awake when I wake so I'm not late as the train will not wait.

  24. Chris Maguire

    Moo Moo Nuts
    Schibello makes me a mighty fine fellow!

  25. Di

    "Moo Moo Nuts!" that super special morning snuggle with hubby, in bed before the days onslaught. To clear our heads and recharge our love to so speak 🙂

  26. Helen W

    Moo Moo Nuts!

    As a stay at home mum, I sometimes feel guilty that I’m not contributing to the household financially and taking some pressure off my husband, who works 12+ hours a day. Because of that, I started getting up in the morning to put the kettle on while he showers and dresses. He’s usually in such a rush that all we have time for is a quick kiss on the cheek as I hand him his travel mug but it gives me a sense of teamwork.

    Incidentally, as a funny aside, we once ran out of “real” coffee and I had to give him decaf but forgot to tell him. He came home that night with a bunch of flowers for me as he thought I was passive-aggressively punishing him for something he must have done wrong. It made me smile to realise that he equated that morning gesture with love and affection.

  27. jody buhagiar

    MOO MOO NUTS! My coffee with froth,
    Without it in the mornings I am a Sloth.
    Dark beans roasted, breathing it in,
    How can something so delicious, not be a sin!
    Creamy,strong, with a hit of sugar, yum!
    I need my coffee, or I'm just numb 🙂

  28. karina lee

    Moo Moo Nuts!
    Me no coffee, me no function. It's like charging up the batteries every morning with a steaming hot extra large mug of caffeine!

  29. amalia cortazzo

    Moo Moo Nuts!
    I am so blessed to have an amazing husband who has made a little "show-of-love" ritual daily. He starts each morning by bringing me the newspaper, brekkie, and my ever so delicious frothy Arpeggio latte to bed. No words needed, just lots of love, appreciation and the aroma of a good coffee!

  30. Kat

    Moo Moo Nuts!
    This is actually about my mum. I've hardly ever seen her drink a hot or even warm coffee because she will make it and then find something that needs doing. An hour later she pauses to have a mouthful of room temperature coffee and then something else needs doing. One coffee can last several hours this way. When I point out that maybe she should not not bother boiling the water, she says she's used to cold coffee after 30 years of being a teacher and 10 years of not-very restful retirement. So a special cup of coffee is when I bully my mother into sitting down, blowing the steam off her (hot) cup of coffee and then drinking it in a leisurely fashion. It's a work in progress.

  31. Laura

    Moo Moo Nuts!

    I drink my daily coffee on my morning walk from my car to work. I work in a busy hospital precinct but park my car at the university. I start early and am one of the first customers at my regular coffee cart. There is usually no one around and its the one time of day where I am alone with my thoughts, a hot comforting coffee in hand, before the craziness of the day kicks in. Without that I would probably go insane!

  32. Lilli

    Moo Moo Nuts!

    My daily coffee is a bit different to most. I'm still a student, so I wake up at about 3pm, and then go out into Melbourne. My two odd routines are to find a different cafe every single time -I just love the different take-away cups, I know that's super weird- and I will always buy two coffees, so I can give one to a homeless person. Usually I will try and have a chat to them too, but sometimes they aren't really up for a conversation.

  33. Melissa o

    Moo moo nuts!
    The smell in the air, taste on my lips, the buzz in my soul. My first black coffee in the morning enlightens my soul and inspires me for the rest of the day. I savour each sip and long for the next taste

  34. Padaek

    Moo Moo Nuts!
    Without my coffee, I'm a klutz.
    Strong, sweet and white.
    With toast, makes it right.
    And now I have the guts!

  35. Adele Chenoweth

    Moo moo nuts... i love that my first coffee is always sipped pondering (and sometimes stressing) about the day ahead and when im feeling full of self control (like the kind that stops me from eating an entire block of chocolate) ill wait til im at uni and have it while gossiping with friends

  36. Natasha Stewart

    Moo Moo Nuts!

    My daily coffee is special because it's invisible. Well... not really. See I'm not a big coffee drinker, so I don't put in for the communal coffee beans at home and I don't really know how to work the coffee grinder or coffee machine to get a good cuppa.

    This drives my boyfriend nuts because he can't get his caffeine fix on the mornings when he stays over. I always thought a Nespresso machine would be the perfect addition to the kitchen. It would mean I could still make a mean coffee without having to worry about all the bits and bobs for a drink I'm not going to consume.

  37. Carly W

    Moo Moo Nuts!
    My morning coffee
    is a must for my guts
    If I don't have my coffee
    it drives me nuts
    because the whole day long
    I'll be a great big klutz
    So with freshly made almond milk
    and delicious brewed coffee
    there will be a very happy gal
    who won't be acting so sloppy.

  38. Mishka Gora

    Moo moo nuts! I learnt to make my daily coffee from Bosnian and Croatian refugees in a camp on the Adriatic coast in 1993. I grind the coffee beans in a brass cylindrical grinder then boil the coffee on the stove in a dzezva. This daily coffee transports me back to a time and place where the ritual of coffee was one of the last remaining ways to affirm that one was still alive and human, an antidote to the horrors of war, a ritual of survival and humanity.

  39. Lizzy (Good Things)

    Moo Moo Nuts! And thank you for a delicious recipe and great giveaway!

    One of the greatest joys of our recent retirement is that my beloved man (espresso) and I (macchiato) can sit at our sunny kitchen table for an hour or two, chatting over coffee, reading food blogs and news online, and watching a family of Fairy wrens pottering in the courtyard just outside, with the sound of wind chimes gently chorusing in the background. No more office politics, no annoying phones ringing, no scoping studies, no annual performance reviews.... just the two of us and our coffee. Bliss!

  40. Cherie

    Moo Moo Nuts! As a child my nickname was Moo! I now have an 8 year old boy who I call Moo Moo and at times he drives me nuts especially getting ready for school in the morning, but I wouldn't have it any other way! So my first port of call after school drop off is a skinny latte at the local coffee place, which is an old fashioned milk bar serving great coffee just the way I like it. A great start to my busy day!

  41. Lauren

    Moo Moo Nuts
    The first thing I love about coffee is the smell of it. Comforting, rich and velvety. It makes getting out of bed worth it. And that first sip is always the best one. It makes me think, "yeah, if the rest of today is going to be like this, it's going to be one helluva day". My favourite way to enjoy my morning coffee is relaxed, with my partner on mornings when we have no particular schedule or place to be. Of course, it always tastes better when he makes it for me (and cleans up too!) 😉

  42. Lisa Abejja

    Moo Moo Nuts! no if's and no but's my hubby MUST make my coffee once the kids go to bed at night. After a whole day with 6 children it is the ONE demand in my marriage that he knows he must always do for me. Just that one coffee once they sleep. It is MY time then!! I cannot live without my nightly coffee.

  43. Martyna @ Wholesome Cook

    Hi Sneh, your Mum's words ring so true to me now as well. On days when I am cooking lots, be it for the blog or clients, tasting a bit here and a bit there, I find myself eating a very light supper much later in the evening, or slurping on a smoothie while the family enjoys the day's bounty. As for cleanses, I tend to eat lighter and more probiotic rich foods on Mondays because as a general rule we tend to eat out a little more on weekends. I feel so much better on Tuesdays. And yes, coffee. Can't live without a daily cup - this is such a great and whole way of enjoying a cup. I already have one so won't take up an entry but will happily share via FB. Much love xo

  44. Linda

    Moo Moo Nuts! Awe coffee alarm for my cat to get me up, feeding cleaning boxes,puking. OMG give me my coffee and leave me alone for 10 minutes please don't meow until done.

  45. Aggie

    Moo Moo Nuts - a daily coffee provides me with some quality time to focus on the smell, taste, warmth if the coffee and the time to connect with my partner first thing in the morning.

  46. Maggie

    Moo Moo Nuts! I love what you've created! Can't wait to try.
    My morning coffee is the best as it combines what I LOVE (coffee) and NEED (a quick breakfast) after a morning run. It's my breakfast smoothie: a strong shot of coffee, almond milk, banana, 3 mejol dates, egg white protein powder, 1 teaspoon of almond butter and a small spoonful of honey if I feel the need for a little sweet treat. I make this most mornings and it keeps me happy and full through the morning. I'm happy to share this with you as I love it and hope you/your readers do too.

  47. Erin

    Moo Moo Nuts!

    My daily coffee is made so special by the gorgeous, bearded hipster boys serving me behind the counter. It seems like there is a new one each week and I love waiting and watching them make my daily coffee!

  48. sherry from sherryspickings

    Moo Moo Nuts! I drink my coffee from beautiful handmade cups made by a beautiful (hand) maiden who dwells deep in the forests of northern NSW, spinning her web oops I mean wheel, creating vibrant and colourful wonders to drink from. I drink delicious coffee made from gorgeous Arabica beans in a roastery just up the road and across the creek from my house. And dear hubby delivers it with a smile as he plonks it down on my bedside table, and rushes off to the saltmines to extract his daily dose of salt -hmm mmm- I mean designs nice houses for lovely urban dwarves -I mean urban residents of Brisbane.

  49. Monique

    Moo moo nuts!
    I've always shared a house with 4 or 5 others. I wake up early but have to make as little noise as possible to not wake others. That means not turning on the machine for coffee! I wait until I'm nearly out the door before I quickly grind the beans, make the delicious nectar and run out the door before anyone can get mad! I clutch my cup in sweet victory, every morning.

  50. Rochelle Hinton

    Moo moo nuts.

    What can I say...I like coffee a 'latte', it 'mocha' me happy!!

  51. Shruti

    Moo moo nuts! Coffee, for me is not only the best 'wake me up' in the morning but the best 'make me sleep' drink. We have a little shot of coffee every night and it makes a perfect, nice and warm end of another best day in life and I look forward to a fresh new morning again with my hot coffee cuppa.

  52. Pat Hughes

    "Moo Moo Nuts"
    My daily morning coffee is incredibly important! My dog, Tilda, awakens me daily at 6am so she can have her morning biscuits. I then stumble over and pop in my morning toast (which she shares, she has the corners and will only eat it if it has butter on!) then I make a wonderful, milky coffee. Once the toast has popped and we've retired to the kitchen table, we enjoy our breakfast together before I start the very arduous task of my Uni study readings and assignments. Without that coffee, I simply couldn't contemplate doing anything other than rolling over and telling Tilda to be quiet and go back to bed! I'd love to win the Nespresso machine, it would be my idea of heaven...

  53. Archana

    Coffee is something I can't do without every morning! So,coffee with nut milk sounds really good and wholesome...Lovely shots as always!

    As far as I know, 'mylk' is just being used to refer to any kind of vegan milk. To differentiate from the regular MILK instead of actually specifying 'vegan milk' every time.

  54. Rhonda Nichols

    Moo Moo Nuts! The only time I sit and breathe and don't think is my mid-morning coffee. It's my time out to really just look around and appreciate wherever I am at the time. I try not to read or listen or talk. Just sit and absorb and enjoy the taste of my coffee. I am off to the market today to get organic nuts to make almond coffee today - sounds relish!

  55. Christine

    Moo Moo Nuts! Sounds like my mornings 🙂
    They are busy getting 3 boys ready for school and out the door on time. Add to that 3 different school drop offs!! I look forward to coming back home after the drop offs. Making a coffee and enjoying it quietly. It is my most enjoyable part of the day as after that it's go go go!

  56. The Life of Clare

    Moo moo nuts! My daily coffe isn't so special, J gets up at 4:45, four days a week and drives 1.5 hours to work. But those other three days of the week, that quiet hour is precious. We sneak into the kitchen to make our first hot drinks of the day, anxiously trying not to wake the baby, just so that we can talk about the week that was. Currently, the days are beautiful and spring like, but the mornings still crisp, so we huddle under the two doonas on our bed and tell each other recounts of things the other has missed.

  57. Erina

    Moo Moo Nuts !
    My fiancé has coffee fingers!!
    He is a barista and ever since meeting him everything related to coffee just immediately makes me think of him. I think it's because I never had much interest in coffee, never really drank it but ever since meeting him,all of a sudden I wanted to drink coffee. Give me an excuse to see him at work. Now a coffee a day is how I start my mornings. Coffee in my mouth, fiancé on my mind haha Cannot wait until we marry and I get to make the coffee for him !

  58. Dhanya Samuel

    Moo Moo Nuts! I am a latecomer to coffee starting off in my late 20s but when I did, I got hooked! Today, I cannot function remotely human without my big cuppa cappuccino. It is how I start my day....also sneaking in a bit of chocolate powder to my mug while making my 5 year old's chocolate milk. And no matter how stealthily I do it, he will be right behind me saying, 'Mama, you have taken my chocolate again but that's ok right. We are a family right, so we share right (yeah, he is going through the 'right' phase at the moment). I don't sit and enjoy my cup; I am all over the house with the morning routine but I run over to my kitchen benchtop every now and then, sipping and warming myself with a sip of the intense choco...ccino. And life is perfect.

  59. Karly

    Moo Moo Nuts!
    As a stay-at-home-mum coffee is an inexpensive way to catch up with other mummy friends. A couple of days a week we'll either meet at a cafe or at each other's house for a catch up and a cuppa. So coffee keeps me sane - much more than just with caffeine, but with the chance to share, compare and vent!

  60. Alex

    Moo Moo Nuts!

    I used to work in an office where we had a brilliant coffee machine & I would motor my way through 6 or 7 strong black coffees a day. When we decided to have our son, I just stopped drinking the coffee full stop. I would occasionally buy a decaf from a cafe but didn't have 'proper' coffee again until after he was born. I'd decided I wasn't going to go back to drinking so much coffee so I limit myself to one a day which I have around 10-11 o'clock and that is always break time. I enjoy it far more than I ever enjoyed those 6-7 cups a day!

  61. SuzieE

    Moo Moo Nuts! My daily coffee is full of so much froth I could just fill up my bath with all the froth and have a frothy bubble bath. I love my lattes full of froth and every morning without fail I sip my frothy latte which gives me the energy I need for the whole day.


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