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Baileys Winter Cocktail Shake With Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce - Cook Republic

Baileys Winter Cocktail Shake With Hot Chocolate Fudge Sauce

Give me a spectacular cocktail with a bit of dramatic flair and I am your girl Friday! The Leo in me loves the theatre that unfolds on the table when you are presented with an interactive cocktail or dessert for a special occasion. For my third recipe collaboration with Baileys, I decided to combine all these ideas and emotions into a cocktail shake with a flaming marshmallow atop a layer of creamy foam and hot chocolate fudge sauce. Let t... Read More >>

Baileys Jelly And White Chocolate Mousse

I recently discovered a great little trick to creating an instant jelly with the use of cornflour as opposed to gelatine. This kind of jelly sets much faster and has a mousse like consistency, making it ideal for fast desserts. After experimenting making this jelly with all kinds of fruit juices (orange was my most favourite!), I decided to play around with my most favourite winter warming liqueur - Baileys Irish Cream. The result was an amaz... Read More >>
Baileys Salted Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta - Cook Republic

Baileys Salted Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta

Imagine a dinner party set at a long, vintage table with crystal goblets and crackled plates amidst tall flickering candles, their flame bouncing off a bejeweled low hanging chandelier. Imagine a glorious dessert platter of shimmying, jiggling, wickedly deliciously Baileys Salted Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta waiting to be dug into with tarnished, ornate dessert forks! Everybody knows I am not a dessert person. But this panna cotta, oh my g... Read More >>

Chocolate Nutella Pots With Boozy Cream

    This planet is a very special place. For a number of reasons. One of them is chocolate. And the other is egg. They both make men weak and women swoon, especially if they are molten and runny. How many brown and yellow things can boast of that? We can't always buy a hug, but we sure can buy a little bit of chocolate or fry an egg.      I thought hard and long about what ingredient was essential to me in the ki... Read More >>