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Renovation Woes, Fun Loom, A Book Launch And April 2014 Favourites

  Last week my Mac died. It gave a loud bang and took out power to a section of the house. This one lasted 5 years and went through three operating systems. RIP dear Mac. A sleek new Macbook Pro replaced it. It is still finding its feet as I slowly set it up amidst email woes, book launches and moving 3 meter long couches on a 1 meter long trolley into the garage. A lot is happening and every night I thankfully pass out on my trusty old p... Read More >>

Zucchini Noodles With Thai Pesto Plus Free Tasty Express Recipe Sampler

Tasty Express launched quietly yesterday, without fanfare. I almost missed it. I did share a video on Instagram giving you a quick flip-through the book. Many of you have already bought it (Thank you!) and many of you intend to (Thank you!). Some of you have even cooked from it. If you are sharing pictures on social media, don't forget to tag them with #tastyexpress. I am so excited to see your creations. Thank you for all your comm... Read More >>

Savoury Buckwheat Omelettes, A Newspaper Column And The Title Of My First Cookbook

  On days when I am working by myself (which is most days, really!) I eat pre-dominantly vegetarian meals. An hour long lunch break is often enough to explore and experiment with new ingredients to create tasty and nourishing light meals that are not only easy to cook but extremely quick. A lot of these meals can be easily packed away in a lunchbox for work, college, picnic or potluck. This adventurous, easy to make, easy to take, mostl... Read More >>

Announcing The Cook Republic Cookbook Deal With Random House Australia And A Wholemeal Chocolate Cake

  There is a little girl in pigtails. She is six. She has just discovered the magic of reading on her own. It has opened up countless new worlds for her to explore. She jumps in feet first and never wants to come out. Day after day she has adventures with the characters in the books. Night after night she dreams up fantastical worlds and stories of her own. It is then that she discovers the wonder of scribbling her stories on ruled pape... Read More >>