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5 Quick Healthy Meal Ideas in under 10 minutes

In the past couple of years as work pressure and family obligations have become more and more demanding, I have started looking for healthier and quicker meal options. The quest for longer sustainability and less time spent in the kitchen has become a constant amongst urban families. The concept of simple ingredients used in a creative manner to create healt... Read More >>
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Tutti Frutti Cake

When I was younger and studying, I traveled a lot by train. Nick and I would usually grab a snack and our favorite daily with loads of crosswords to take care of our food and entertainment needs on the way to college. Our favorite was a mini-loaf that came in bright, cheery, colorful packaging and simply said Tutti Frutti Bread. It was one of the best thin... Read More >>

Craisin And Coconut Biscuits

  I baked a batch of these simple biscuits last week to replenish my dwindling cookie supply. They were meant to be chewy cookies but I was preoccupied and left out the egg in the recipe. It turned out to be a good thing. The omission of egg actually made these biscuits crunchy and they lasted longer without going soggy. The craisins lo... Read More >>