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5-minute Microwave Besan Laddoos

Besan Laddoos are one of the easiest Indian sweets to make. If they are easy to make on the cooktop, imagine the ease in a microwave. Nick loves them and I have never made them for him . So, when I came across a recipe for them on this blog, I just had to try my hand at making them. I tripled the recipe and made some adjustments to the sugar and ghee quant... Read More >>
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Basic Banana Muffins

Nick always rolls his eyes when I pick up a big bunch at the grocery store, he rolls his eyes even more when a few days later, he sees them going soft and speckled with black in the fruit bowl. Then I get baking and it is my turn to roll my eyes. Bananas are meant to be eaten fresh, but they are also meant to be forgotten in the fruit bowl where they achie... Read More >>
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Quick Vegetarian Chowmein

This recipe is one of those cleansing, healthy fares that is perfect for a light meal. A thinner consistency would make a nice, light soup whereas as thicker consistency would serve as a side with any noodle or rice based main course. It whips up in a jiffy and is best eaten fresh, straight off the heat.     QUICK VEGETARIAN CHOWMEIN Serves :... Read More >>

Hot Cranberry Scones

When I was living in Singapore, one of my favourite bakeries to visit was "Four Leaves". They had amazing cakes and a delicious array of baked buns and goodies. I surprise myself when I say this but I think Singapore had better bakeries and a mind boggling variety of freshly baked goodies than I have seen here in Australia. One would think othe... Read More >>