April 2009

Month: April 2009

Cheesecake Berry Trifle

I made this delightfully simple dessert for Easter. It requires no cooking or baking, just some assembling of ingredients, some whisking and putting it all together. It is one of the fastest desserts I have ever made and tastes amazing. It also feels luxuriously sinful and special. The recipe was adapted from Australian Womens Weekly's Cheesecakes cookbook. I substituted all full-fat ingredients with all light ingredients and it turned out just... Read More >>
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Mango Honey And Banana Bread

  Easter is a sugar trap, quite literally. With its scores of hot cross buns, easter cookies, spring cakes and easter eggs in all sizes and shapes stuffed with candies and what nots, Easter is enough to provide you your year's supply of sugar. But the pressure to bake something special for Easter is always hovering around the corner. So what does a conscious baker do? She bakes something sweet that has no sugar in it. For the past two ... Read More >>

Green Apple Pancake Pudding

I was inspired to make this fabulous and fast dessert recipe from one of Bill Granger's breakfast recipes. He cooked an apple pancake in a skillet and suggested dousing it with a generous helping of maple syrup for a rib-sticking breakfast. Why follow the norm and have pancakes only for breakfast, I thought to myself. What if I took a deliciously thick pancake recipe and gave it a healthy twist for a light dessert? Since the theme for the April... Read More >>