June 2009

Month: June 2009

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Chocolate And Date Fudge Brownies

  These days everyone wants Bill Granger in their kitchen proclaims Sydney morning Herald. And I don't blame them. This widely known Aussie chef has grown and matured into this masterful writer and creator of recipes that are starting to look healthier, wholesome and very interesting over the years. Bill learnt to cook at home in a dometic environment and hence his take on recipes is homemade indeed. The food he writes about is everyday stu... Read More >>

Wheatgerm Honey And Raisin Muffins

    A few years ago when I first visited Australia on a holiday, I found a lovely little cookbook called Coffee & Bites by Susie Theodorou in a basement selling bargain books in Sydney. It was a stylish and simple unusually square paperback and the cover picture of a white mug of coffee balancing a plate of toast, egg, fruit and honey was too delicious to resist. I cooked a few recipes from it and then it got lost in my over burge... Read More >>
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Sweet Olive Oil Lemon Fingers

Browsing through June's issue of BBC's Good Food Australia magazine, I came across a recipe for Sweet Lemon Fingers. Now this magazine is a branch off the acclaimed British magazine by the same name and was launched in Australia just last year. It is well written, has beautiful photographs, up-to-date information on cookbooks, latest kitchen gadgets and it even boasts triple testing each of the recipe that is published in its pages. So with tha... Read More >>
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Buttermilk Baby Pancakes And Pancakes In Paradise

  We had some amazing pancakes on our recent holiday in Gold Coast, everything from crepes to savory pancakes to chocolate ones. The day after we got back home, we were missing having pancakes so much that I decided to make a fun batch for breakfast. I whipped out my cast-iron poffertje pan, mixed all ingredients and set the batter aside to rest for a while. It was freezing cold that morning in Sydney and the thought of tiny little warm puf... Read More >>