June 2009

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10 Questions with Denise And Lenny Of Chez Us

Its 10 Questions time again and I am extremely excited to present a lovely couple, full of life, loads of fun and filled with a passion for food, photography and far away places. Meet Denise and Laudalino aka Lenny of the beautiful blog Chez Us. I have been following their blog for a while now and have grown to love ... Read More >>
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10 Questions With Cheri Sicard Of Fabulous Foods

Today we have the lovely Cheri Sicard of Fabulous Foods answering some fun questions for us. I met Cheri on Twitter and found her to be humble, friendly and very interesting. She was very excited when I mentioned doing this segment for my blog. Check out Cheri's website Fabulous Foods for some great recipes and food ar... Read More >>
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NTTC June 2009 Green Challenge

In the aftermath of all those chocolate recipes, it is time to clean up our acts. Go Green! is the mantra for NTTC June 2009. Same principal, same set of rules, the special ingredient to use this time around is "Something Green", well not green jelly babies but some beautiful leafy vegetables or herbs or sa... Read More >>