July 2010

Month: July 2010

Have You Ever Had A Crab Muffin?

I had never had a crab muffin till insanity struck earlier today as I prepared to make cheese, corn and bacon muffins like my friend Petra makes. The story behind those muffins is a long one but to sum it up, Petra made these delicious savoury muffins for a toy-clean up session at our local playgroup a couple of years ago. It was the first time I had met her and she stuck in my head, mainly because she is a lovely lady but also because she intr... Read More >>

Doodle In The Cake Pan With This Fast Marble Slice

A couple of weeks ago I was rushing to meet my project deadline before picking my son up from school and driving him to a play date. I had 40 minutes at best after I wrapped up my final logo presentation before leaving home. Overcome with a sudden urge to bake , I picked up a recipe for a marble cake, tweaked the quantities so it would cook faster and baked this little masterpiece which was a hit with the kids and the mums, but especially the k... Read More >>

Impossible Lemon And Coconut Pies

I have always wondered why these are called "Impossible". But that is just the kind of easy style that Donna Hay has going on in her cookbooks. After making them countless times, I think I might know what "impossible" stands for. It must most definitely mean, impossibly quick and impossibly delicious. Calling them pies might be misleading though. To me they are puffed golden puddings with flecks of browned coconut delivering... Read More >>