April 2011

Month: April 2011

Citrus Madeleines

  Gummy Bear's favourite colour is pink. He adores it and I find his total adoration for anything pink absolutely cute. Now pink in his little mind is anything from a dusky shade of rose to bright candy floss pink to peachy orange. Works for me! It means I can push anything coloured within that spectrum and he would happily eat it. Over the weekend I was experimenting with Serge Dansereau's madeleine biscuit recipe. I made smaller,... Read More >>

Lemon Ricotta Cake With Chocolate Glaze And Fresh Figs

My little brother and his gorgeous wife have birthdays a week apart. I baked this simple cake with lush chocolate frosting and fresh fruit to honor both their birthdays yesterday. The fresh violas on top of the cake were not only stunning to look at but totally edible. I baked this cake at an informal dinner a couple of weeks ago and it tastes amazing fresh and warm out of the oven with the chocolate glaze still runny and oozing down the edg... Read More >>

Rice Krispie And Marshmallow Easter Egg Pops

I went to my first Easter egg dyeing party yesterday and it was delightful. It is always wondrous to get a glimpse of traditions that are very foreign to you especially if they involve beautifully decorated delicate egg shells, cute bunnies galore and cheery yellow chicks. I also realized yesterday how very difficult it was at least here in Sydney to score a carton of white eggs, which is what my friend had got and they looked gorgeous after th... Read More >>

Sexy Brussels Sprouts In French Mustard Butter

I don't do brussels sprouts. Ever! I once knew a brussels sprout that promised me undying love, infinite beauty and true glory. But all it did was leave a bad taste in my mouth. So I kept away, avoided it like the bad boy it was. Then came a chance meeting with a bag full of these little rough diamonds. I brought them home and smothered them in mustard butter. One in particular caught my eye. It was sexy down to it's sharp tang and glossy gl... Read More >>

White Chocolate And Coconut Truffles

I was totally making up a cake for an impromptu barbecue we were invited to over the weekend and because I was going to decorate the cake with fresh figs and violas, I thought that white frosting would look perfect. But I only had white chocolate bits, not proper white cooking chocolate. So I used that and the glaze was sticky and a tad too thick to pour over the cake. Bummer!  So I made some beautiful dark chocolate and liqueur glaze f... Read More >>