Rice Krispie Eggs

I went to my first Easter egg dyeing party yesterday and it was delightful. It is always wondrous to get a glimpse of traditions that are very foreign to you especially if they involve beautifully decorated delicate egg shells, cute bunnies galore and cheery yellow chicks. I also realized yesterday how very difficult it was at least here in Sydney to score a carton of white eggs, which is what my friend had got and they looked gorgeous after they were dyed. I loved Petra's amazing egg tree. She is so creative! (Scroll down for some iPhone pictures of the dyeing party)

Easter Egg Moulds

I wanted to take a sweet treat to the dyeing party but wanted to do something eastery and different. Seeing as I was pressed for time, I decided to make my marshmallow rice krispies. As I started cooking it, the sweet treat quickly became a progressive work of pure fun. I kept thinking "Hmmm, plastic egg moulds! Why Not!" and then "Oooh yes, Lollipop sticks!!" and ended up with rice krispie treats shaped like Easter eggs and stuck on a lollipop stick. Fun, fun!!

Making Easter Egg Rice Krispie Pops

I usually make this and set it in a pan and cut it into boring squares. Not this time though. The base recipe is as simple as they come and now that I have tried them as pops, I can't wait to experiment with different shapes, stuffings and toppings. This is an extremely quick treat to make, something that I am doing more and more lately.

Rice Krispie And Marshmallow Pops

Rice Krispie Pops

Chocolate Easter Eggs

 And some pictures from the Easter egg dyeing party yesterday.

Easter Egg Dyeing Party







Preparation Time - 5 minutes + 15minutes
Cooking Time - 5 to 8 minutes
Makes - 24 pops


3 cups rice krispies
1 cup pink and white marshmallow
3 tablespoons butter
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
white icing pen to decorate
some plastic egg moulds and lollipop sticks
oil spray



Heat butter in a large frying pan on low heat. Add the vanilla extract and marshmallow when butter is melted and stir with a wooden spoon breaking down the marshmallow till you get a gooey sticky mixture. Remove from heat and add the rice krispies. Mix well to coat krispies with the marshmallow.

Spray the insides of the egg plastic moulds. With greased hands, fill both sides of the mould with the krispie mixture and press them together to snap the mould shut. I had 24 moulds and by the time I finished snapping the last one shit, the first was set and ready to come out. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes for the krispies to set and harden a bit. Reserve a bit of krispie mix to repair broken eggs.

Gently unscrew or pop open the moulds. The krispie egg should feel set and solid. Holding the egg in your palm, gently push a lollipop stick through the bottom of each egg. If you do it with a lot of force and the stick pops out the other end, just push them in a bit and seal the top with some of the reserve krispie mix. Place the sticks in a tall cup. Decorate with white icing pen and enjoy!