May 2011

Month: May 2011

Almond And Rose Bread - Styling & Photo By Sneh Roy

Almond And Rose Bread – Amande Rose Pain

On a visit to a deli and specialty food store in St.Ives, I found a beautifully packaged box of rose petals by Pariya.  It is no secret that I love rose petals in cooking and am always looking for unique and creative ways to cook with them. With the weather being cold and not a single rose in bloom in my garden, I was thrilled to find this box of one of my favourite ingredients. Browsing through the Flavour Thesaurus for some flavour ... Read More >>

How To Make Aprons From Tea Towels Without Sewing

When it comes to sewing with a sewing machine, I am well .... terrified! Along the lines of learning to drive, giving birth and dogs. I used to have a sewing machine a very long time ago that I bought with ideas of grandeur parading through my head. I used it that one time when my mum showed me how to use it. After ignoring it as an invisible piece of furniture for 3 years, I finally sold it to an old lady who was so happy to have bought it, sh... Read More >>
Nutella On Knife - Styling & Photo By Sneh Roy

2 Minute Nutella Mug Cake

Mug cakes are like a round of gossip. You come across one, you indulge, you pine for more, you dig around for another one, you indulge some more until you are spent and then it all dies down for a few days. Until you come across another one and you have to do it all over again! I don't do gossip. But I do mug cakes! One of the first mug cakes I ever experimented with was Lorraine's fantastic 5 minute mug cake on Not Quite Nigella. I did ... Read More >>

Audrey Gordon’s Tuscan Summer – Cookbook Review

Rated - 3.5 stars (out of 5) Audrey Gordon's Tuscan Summer - Recipes & Recollections From The Heart Of Italy is not your regular cookbook. It is a cookbook of hilarious proportions. In fact, when you start reading it, you will find yourself checking the foreword and the author bio on the inside of the dust jacket to make sure that it is indeed a cookbook and not a prank. I did. Gordon Ramsay said "Puts the comedy back into the kitchen... Read More >>

Spaghetti Al Pesto

For the past two weeks, I have my nose buried in Audrey Gordon's Tuscan Summer, a cookbook of hilarious proportions. The book is so funny that my boys have to stop what they are doing and give me a worried look as I first splutter coffee over my sweatshirt and then race to get a tissue, all the while chuckling and shaking my head. The cookbook, also has some simple and beautiful working recipes. Read Audrey Gordon's Tuscan Summer Cookboo... Read More >>
Shakshuka Eggs - Styling & Photo By Sneh Roy

Shakshuka Eggs

Every time I say Shakshuka, I feel a warmth creeping up from my toes to my neck. I am weird with words like that. I have favourite words and words I abhor. I have words that tickle me when I say them out loud and words that comfort me when I roll them off my tongue. Shakshuka meaning "all mixed up" and originating from Tunisia is my feel-warm-all-over word. And this egg dish that is a close reminder of the Mexican huevos rancheros o... Read More >>