July 2011

Month: July 2011

Rainbow Radish And Purple Kale Salad

On Saturday it was supposed to be the last of the cold and rainy days we have been seeing in Sydney of late. As a result our weekly soccer games were canceled. I had to take my Shun knife for re sharpening. We loaded the boys in the car and set out. As we were driving, listening to the Rio soundtrack and trying to make ourselves heard over the constant loud chatter coming from the backseat, we saw a sign that read "Grower's Market Tod... Read More >>

Mandarin Polenta And Macadamia Cake

  It has been an absolute mandarin fest in our home this month. After our very exciting mandarin picking adventure at a local farm here in Sydney and traipsing home with 11 kilos of mandarins, I have tried to use them in every recipe imaginable. I have been toying with the idea of doing a whole orange cake for a while now. So in staying true to my resolution of trying out new techniques and recipes that I have never experienced before, I ba... Read More >>

Cook Republic is One. What A Year It Has Been!

  It was five years ago in July that I shared my very first recipe with the world on a blog called Gel's Kitchen. It has now been a year since my food blog changed its identity to Cook Republic. But the heart of my food blog is still the same, mine. I have loved it, nurtured it and fed it with words from my head and pictures from my life. I have given it a new lease of life. Cook Republic is one and what a year it has been!   Bloggin... Read More >>

Powerhouse Chickpea And Lentil Curry With Pomegranate

This dish is a powerhouse of nutrients. Packed with the goodness of protein and fibre, this fragrant curry is perfect for serving up at dinner when you have predominantly vegetarian guests. It is meaty in flavour and you will not miss having meat at the table. It is also great for cutting corners and controlling your budget while making sure pantry staples get used, especially with meat prices climbing higher every now and then. The recipe... Read More >>