January 2012

Month: January 2012

Cook Republic Files – Favourites List January 2012

  I am back to work today after a month and a half long holiday. Although I found myself working as much during the holidays if not more. Things like organizing, sorting, planning, gardening and my favourite - moving furniture around. These are the other things I enjoy in life besides cooking, writing, photographing and designing. So in actuality it was a holiday filled with work I enjoy, family and friends I love, food I crave and places... Read More >>

Frozen Peanut Butter Pie

A jar of peanut butter is a wondrous thing. It has the power to reduce grown men and women into little children, greedily poking their fingers in the jar to scoop out and lick a creamy dollop of buttery, crunchy goodness. Everyone has their favourite peanut butter combination. Mine is crunchy peanut butter and manuka honey on stone milled wholemeal bread. Food of the Gods!   Peanut butter is good for many other things than just big gre... Read More >>

Cookbook Review – Super Natural Every Day. Win A Copy!

  Super Natural Every Day is not a cookbook. Heidi Swanson's latest offering is a private journal of a person who embraces food in its truest form, smattered with photos that make you want to experience and recipes that make you want to cook. I first leafed through a copy at a local bookstore last year. A couple of flicks down the line, I had mentally bookmarked at least 10 recipes I wanted to cook straight away. That, for me was an indic... Read More >>

Pomegranate Dragon Fruit And Lychee Sorbet

I love pomegranates. I hate peeling or prepping them. One of my kitchen pet peeves along with refilling oil from the can into the oil bottle and cutting a pumpkin. I only get to eat pomegranate when Nick painstakingly gets all the seeds out, red juice running down his hands. (I know there is an easier way to dissect and prep a pomegranate, I just need to google it.) So drinking POM works for me. The antioxidant powerhouse is now available in a ... Read More >>

Carnival Cookies

  I have always fancied the idea of old travelling circuses. Right from when I was a child and watched Dumbo to a young girl reading Mr. Galliano's Circus by Enid Blyton under the covers at night to being fascinated by the mystery of HBO's Carnivale. The adventure and romance of the gypsy life and the lure of living in colourful caravans parked amidst a field of daisies in the countryside is very palpable to many.      ... Read More >>